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3 Most Common Marketing Problems, One Simple Solution

common marketing problemsAre you struggling to break through online and attract clients? Well, no worries because you’re about to learn the three most common marketing problems that hold people back and the one simple thing you can do to break through and attract clients.

Over the course of my business, I’ve done over 900 marketing projects. It seems like everyone has one of these common challenges. This article contains specific details on how you can improve your marketing to turn this around. The result is marketing gets more sales calls booked, and more customers purchasing your courses, programs, and services.

3 Common Marketing Problems

And now, without further ado, let’s look at the marketing challenges you are likely to face and what you can do to turn that around …

Offer Creation

Many people are unclear about what to add to their offers in order to get people excited about them and want to purchase. If you have faced this challenge, you may have asked questions like:

  • Should I add [X thing] to my service/course?
  • Do people need this service/course?
  • How much money are people willing to spend on this?


Too often, people spend months developing courses and programs – only to find that no one wants to purchase them. As small business owners, our time and money are limited and therefore they are so valuable that you don’t want to make this mistake. We will look at what you can do instead.

Website Messaging

The next of the most common marketing problems people struggle with is wondering what they should put on their website. A lot of clients come to me with these questions:

  • What words should I put on my website?
  • What information should I share?
  • What should the branding look like, and what images should I choose?


These can be answered very simply with the strategy you’re about to learn. Before you do your next rebranding or update your website, be sure to do the steps I’m about to share.

Standing Out Online

One of the most common marketing problems of all is how to stand out online. There are many people online vying for attention and there’s a lot of noise out there. I can literally give you a list of 15 tactics that you can take to stand out online, but none of them will make a difference for your business unless you specifically hone in on the things I’m about to share with you.

How to overcome these common marketing problems

So here’s the secret … The simple way to answer all of these questions – and to overcome all of these marketing dilemmas – is to know your audience so well that when you write or you speak, they feel like you’re reading their mind. When you know your audience that well, then everything changes with your marketing.

This is because when people know that you deeply understand their challenges, they believe that you must also have the solution.

Now, I’m going to share with you a few ways that you can become a mind reader to your audience and how you can take it even deeper so you’re sure to fully transform your marketing results.

Answer the Following

The first thing you need to do is to get answers to these seven questions so you become well acquainted with your audience. Knowing these answers – and applying them to your marketing – will help you craft irresistible offers that sell and stand out to your audience as the perfect solution for their needs.

  1. What are your client’s biggest struggles as it relates to your expertise?
  2. How does that make them feel and how does it affect their lives?
  3. What do they think the problem is?
  4. What do they think the solution is?
  5. What words do they use to describe the problem?
  6. What is the dream outcome that they want?
  7. What do they see as the emotional and tangible benefits of the outcome that they want?


Be warned! It’s not enough to simply answer these questions. You don’t want to guess what your target audience wants and needs. Instead, you must hear directly from them – and in their own words. Using their own words will help to connect the dots for your audience and let them know that you are the best-fit solution for them.

Not to mention, you would be surprised at how often your best guesses about your audience are wrong! For example, let’s say that you’re a business coach and all of your marketing is geared toward helping people earn more money. In reality, it could be that your target audience wants a clear plan of action and they want you to hold their hand as they move forward with that plan. So if you’re talking more about money-making in your marketing – and the emotional trigger for them is having expert guidance – then you’re missing the mark with your message.

Exercise: Target Market Research Calls

Now we’ll cover how to have conversations with your audience to learn about their needs. The first thing to do is to book target market research calls with people who fit your ideal customer.

There are three camps of people you can reach out to for these conversations:

  • People you meet online who fit your customer profile.
  • People you know who are in your target market.
  • Friends of friends who characterize your ideal customer.

Exercise: Sales Consultations

Sales consultations are a surprisingly excellent way to get answers to these questions. This is because, the primary goal of any good salesperson is not to sell – but to ask questions to determine how suited their product is for an individual. Some of the questions that you ask can uncover their emotions such as how they feel about their current situation and how they’d feel if they had the solution.

What to do now

All of this information comes from the exact process I use to help my clients to stand out online. We go way deeper on how you can get direct answers to the questions that will help you to pinpoint and craft a Magnetic Message so you can capture attention and inspire them to reach out about your services, programs, or courses.

To get a full strategy of how to attract clients online with Magnetic Messaging, download my free guide, “3 Keys to Double Your Clients and Profits“. This is the entire process that I take my clients through from A to Z. It’s a sequential, step-by-step system that helps you go from messaging that gets ignored to messaging that helps you stand out and win the business of your ideal fit customers — even if you offer high-ticket services and programs.

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