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I’m Monica Valentine, founder of Vox Pop Marketing. For the past 15 years, I’ve designed websites & used online marketing to attract leads for a wide variety of small businesses. What I know for sure is …

Your Web Presence and Marketing Systems Have the Power to Catapult Your Small Business to the Next Level of Growth and Success …

With my help, I’ve seen one of my consulting clients go from making $2,000 per month to $10,000 per month.

Another client experienced $20,000 in sales just one week after working with me.

Unfortunately, I’ve also seen many small businesses fail because they stopped short of putting these online marketing principles to practice.

Without a Doubt, Online Marketing & Lead Attraction Systems Work …

But, unlike what the “experts” want you to believe, there’s no such thing as a “Magic Marketing” solution for all businesses.

That’s why I provide personalized marketing plans for each unique business.

Some of my Vox Pop Marketing clients. who have gotten tailored solutions, include Lawyers, Trainers & Consultants, Coaches, Logistics companies & Manufacturers, Book authors, Thought Leaders & more!

Are you ready for a personalized online marketing plan for your unique business?

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