The Vox Pop Marketing Story

Vox Pop is a journalism and broadcasting term, meaning “The Voice of the People”.

As a greenhorn newspaper reporter, Vox Pop Marketing founder, Monica Valentine, wrote features and championed upstarts in the arts and entertainment world. It wasn’t long before her passion for supporting entrepreneurs emerged.

With skills in online marketing, copywriting and web design, Monica left the paper in 2011 to forge a new career.

Soon she realized many of her clients were telling the same stories …

The Outrageous Plight of Small Business

Story after story … small business owners were being taken advantage of. They didn’t own their websites (like they thought) … The web design company did … They couldn’t update their websites. They were too hard to use! The design company locked the website … All of their content and SEO was lost … They paid monthly for services they never got.

So many businesspeople were frustrated and held back with hard-to-use websites and a startling lack of control over their online presence.

Our Audacious Mission

Vox Pop Marketing was established in 2014 to make Web Design & Marketing easy, fair and accessible for small businesses of all sizes. Our custom websites give you FULL ownership and control. We even teach you how to use your website! 

And – should you need us – we’re here to support your tech and marketing needs … Our flexible, roll-over retainer packages ensure you only pay for what you need … when you need it.

Now you can relax and enjoy the journey as you scale your business to the next level.

Hello, small business owner! We can't wait to hear from you.

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