Five Step Online Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses and E-course Creators

Not having proper online marketing strategies for your small business is like growing a flower garden with only a few blooms. To have a thriving garden (or business), you need several marketing approaches that work together to attract more of your ideal customers. Some small businesses rely on their family or friends and word of […]

Difference Between Copywriting vs Content Writing

copywriting vs content writing

Whether you’re a business looking to hire or a bootstrapping solopreneur, it’s important to know the difference between copywriting vs content writing. In this article, you’ll learn four key differences between copywriting and content writing. We’ll also outline how you can combine the skills and techniques used in each to strengthen all of your writing as […]

What to Put On Your Website Home Page

Does your website’s home page need a makeover? Good web design is about more than visual appeal. It hooks potential customers and gets them to take the next step with your business. Your home page is the first place many visitors will land. Be sure it’s set up to retain visitors and get them to […]

International Women’s Day: Featuring 6 Women in Business

March 08 is the annual observance of International Women’s Day. It’s an opportunity to build each other up, raise awareness about women’s equality and bolster female-focused charities and causes. To that end, this article celebrates the many and varied accomplishments of all women in business. For this article, we spoke with six entrepreneurial women from different […]

How to Know if You Need a Website Redesign

 Your website is the hub of all of your digital marketing, which means it needs to be on point. So how do you know if it’s doing what you need it to do? In this article, we’ll discuss 6 ways to evaluate your website, so you can decide once and for all if you […]

How to Fact Check Your Content to Avoid Costly Mistakes

As a former newspaper reporter, it was my responsibility to fact check and ensure the accuracy of my articles. Today, as a content marketer, it is also my responsibility to fact check content and ensure the accuracy of my articles. By following a simple checklist, you can help your business to maintain credibility and customer […]

SEO Content Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

SEO content marketing

Now, more than ever, businesses of all sizes can benefit from digital marketing. In a previous article, we discussed the importance of content marketing vs. interruption marketing. Content marketing is a trend that will continue to grow and is an essential part of digital marketing. For content marketing to be effective, you need potential customers […]

How to Send a Winning Guest Blog Post Pitch to Build Your Audience

  Every business needs to continuously reach new audiences. Doing a guest blog post is a perfect way to get your business seen by more people. Use this strategy to enhance credibility in your field and introduce your business to broader, targeted online audiences … and all for free. Before starting my first digital marketing […]

Content Marketing Tips: 3 Things to Know

What does content marketing actually mean, and how can you use it to benefit your business? In this article, you’ll learn 3 foundational content marketing tips to make the most of your content efforts. The term “content” might seem general or vague. And that’s because it is! Content marketing is an umbrella term for any […]

Three Online Marketing Tips for 2021

If the year 2020 taught small businesses anything, it’s that online marketing is essential and you have to be ready to pivot your strategy on a dime. Today, we’ll review a few of last year’s content marketing trends, and pinpoint three online marketing tips for 2021, to help you better market your products and services. […]