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About This One-Page Website design

Sometimes a simple solution is the best one. In this case, our client wanted a one-page website to provide a brief history of his company and its two unique brands. 

We created a custom one-page WordPress design with a form that routes to the customer’s email. Navigation links lead readers to corresponding information on the page.

Website Features

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The client wanted one streamlined web page. Top navigation links guide visitors down the page to learn more about the LLC and its brands.

In keeping with the simple approach, we designed text logos for Applied Alliance and DW Dugas Writes. In addition, we selected a desert-themed color palette to reflect the company’s Texas-based headquarters.

A custom contact form routes to the business owners’ primary email but can also be tied to the CRM of his choice.

The form fields autofill with people’s information. This makes it fast and easy to submit a query so people are more likely to complete the process.

This website was designed to display beautifully on desktop, mobile and tablet devices, creating an improved experience that entices people to browse longer. 

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