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About This Consulting Firm Website design

This client started with a DIY website hosted on WordPress. Our task was to design an elegant, corporate consulting themed website to properly showcase their expertise and capabilities. We moved the site into a self-hosted environment so they have full ownership over their digital presence.

The company’s three main service areas are highlighted through design to attract new clients who are interested in these specific areas: business growth strategies, leadership development and corporate leadership training events.

Website Features

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This client had a lot of web copy, so we tightened it up and made the page more visually appealing to organize information. Now visitors can quickly find what they’re looking for with streamlined sections, icons, and headlines.

A call to action button, located in the “sticky” top navigation bar, remains in view as visitors scroll. When clicked, people have a choice to fill out a “Contact” form or to book a call with the client’s meeting scheduling software. 

This website includes an animated list of client logos, as well as animated, sliding testimonials. 

This website was built using search engine optimization (SEO) best practises to increase its chances of being found in organic online searches.

This website was designed to display beautifully on desktop, mobile and tablet devices, creating an improved experience that entices people to browse longer. 

We're not just designers, we're marketers too

We’re savvy marketers & web designers with 16+ years of experience. Over the years, we’ve learned what works and what you need to make a mark on the web.

We design to meet your sales and marketing goals, consult on website messaging and give you the online tools you need to powerfully promote your services.

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