Customer Attraction System

Step-by-step Training + Coaching to hone your message, stand out online, craft irresistible offers, boost leads and increase sales for your service-based business.

Struggling to Sell Services Online?

You’re a Coach, Consultant or B2B Freelancer …

You need to consistently win new clients, but your marketing isn’t working.

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Does any of this sound familiar?

Customer Attraction System

Will Help You

Stand out online – even in a competitive industry

Attract more leads to your business than you know what to do with

Capture the attention of ideal prospects

Simplify your marketing and attract more clients

Build an audience and become known as the go-to expert in your field

Have a website that gets people to read and take action

Win more deals than ever before (without being salesy)

Have the skills and confidence to know you're doing it right

People are talking

What You Get

A comprehensive program to take you from hearing crickets online to clients anytime. Results in as little as 60 to 90 days.

(With 6 months of support!)

Step-by-Step Training

Ten-week video training with step-by-step instructions

Shortcuts to Success

Lesson handouts, worksheets, customizable scripts & emails

Coaching & Mentorship

Six months of ongoing support via live, weekly coaching calls


Group forum to share wins, ask questions, get answers

How it Works

The Path to Transform Your Marketing



Use strategy to take your marketing from overlooked to powerfully attractive.

  • 1

    Brand Strategy

    Uncover needs and craft a compelling story about your brand to attract your ideal customers.

  • 2

    Offer Creation

    Stand out as the obvious solution to your target audience, lower the risk for them to work with you and have them lining up, happy to pay for your high-ticket services.

  • 3

    Sales Systems

    Go from winging your marketing, or not knowing what to say, to a natural, non-salesy method to close more deals.

  • 1

    Website Design

    No more wondering what to say on your website and what information goes where. Messaging frameworks and page design mock-ups make it easy to pull it all together and begin attracting leads from your website.

  • 2

    Social Media Presence

    Use strategic design choices to communicate the desirability of your services at a glance. This sets the stage to build your audience and authority in the next phase.



Attract more online leads, with simple messaging and web design strategies.



Stand out as an expert in your field, and attract loads of leads with simple strategies.

  • 1

    Build Influence

    Go from being overlooked and unknown online to being seen by a growing audience as the expert you truly are.

  • 2

    Attract Leads

    Leverage your growing audience and the power of online communities to bring more leads to your business than you know what to do with.

  • 3

    Build a Funnel

    Finally, build upon your marketing engine with a free lead magnet and email marketing funnel that pre-sells leads and attracts them to hire your services.

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