Customer Attraction System

Pinpoint your difference, Stand out online, boost leads & sales

Online client acquisition doesn't have to be hard

It's time to be seen, valued and paid like the expert you are

Does any of this sound familiar?

After 11 years in business, I'm doing Marketing Services different

Hey there, I'm Monica ...

With 18 years of online marketing experience and 11+ years providing marketing services, I created a way to help small brands overcome the biggest factor holding them back …

The small biz marketing dilemma

As a small business owner, marketing requires more dedicated time and expertise than your budget can likely accommodate — which means you end up with disappointing results!

Doing Marketing a Better Way

I found the best way to deliver great outcomes is to mentor solopreneurs and small brands through a custom marketing approach that consistently draw leads and clients — without the expensive price tag and slow-results of ongoing done-for-you services.


the Customer Attraction System

Get your next 3 clients in as little as 60 to 90 days with this comprehensive, done-with-you marketing method.

Full Strategy

We’ll evaluate 8 areas of opportunity, fill gaps in your marketing and finetune existing marketing for greater impact.

Shortcuts to Success

Marketing strategies training, plus customizable email marketing copy, sales and DM scripts help to quickly get results.


Done-with-you lead-gen setup within 3 months. Comes with 6 months of consulting and refinements to ensure success.

Love Your Business

Love Your Life

Here’s what you can expect to accomplish, by following the simple, step-by-step methods in this system:

Stand out online – even in a competitive industry

Attract more leads to your business than you know what to do with

Capture the attention of ideal prospects

Simplify your marketing and attract more clients

Build an audience and become a high-paid expert in your field

Have a website that gets people to read and take action

Win more deals than ever before (without being salesy)

Have the skills and confidence to know you're doing it right

More About this Experience

Is this marketing solution right for you?

I only work with the right-fit applicants

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3-Phase, Customizable Method

Your Ticket to Online Profits


pillar one

Go from lackluster, overlooked marketing to having powerfully attractive offers, brand positioning, and messaging.

  • 1

    Brand Strategy

    Uncover needs, pinpoint your unique brand position, and craft compelling brand messaging to attract your ideal customers.

  • 2

    Offer Creation

    Stand out as the obvious solution to your target audience, lower the risk for them to work with you and have them lining up, happy to pay for your high-ticket services.

  • 3

    Sales Systems

    Go from winging your sales calls, or not knowing how to handle objections, to a natural, non-salesy method to close more deals.

  • 1

    Website Design

    No more wondering what to say on your website and what information goes where. Messaging frameworks and page design mock-ups make it easy to pull it all together and begin attracting leads from your website.

  • 2

    Social Media Presence

    Use strategic design choices to communicate the desirability of your services at a glance. This sets the stage to build your audience and authority in the next phase.


pillar two

Take your website from a glorified brochure that no one reads to a true marketing tool that helps you to book calls and close deals.


pillar three

Build an audience, stand out as an expert in your field, and attract loads of leads with free and simple strategies.

  • 1

    Build Influence

    Go from being overlooked and unknown online to being seen by a growing audience as the expert you truly are.

  • 2

    Attract Leads

    Leverage your growing audience and the power of online communities to bring more leads to your business than you know what to do with.

  • 3

    Build a Funnel

    Finally, build upon your marketing engine with a free lead magnet and email marketing funnel that pre-sells leads and attracts them to hire your services.

Rachel's Experience

Rachel Morgan

You'll Get These Bonuses!

Website in a Weekend

Website in a Weekend

Web design can take months. With this bonus, creating your best website is easy. Get 3 page mock-ups to DIY or hand to a designer. Customizable headlines and copywriting frameworks help you effortlessly create your profitable business website in days!

Valued at


Pre-Sales Call Closers

Pre-Sales Call Closers

Don’t get stood up on sales calls or let opportunities pass you by. Use these 6 pre-sales call emails to automate reminders that get people excited to show up and help you win more deals with smart follow-up.

Valued at


'Your Next 3 Clients' Email Templates

'Your Next 3 Clients' Email Templates

Skip sales prospecting and go straight to closing deals. Four customizable email templates – plus 1 powerful social media post – will help you to quickly book sales calls and win your next 3 clients.

Valued at


Email Funnel Templates

Email Funnel Templates

Use this customizable email sequence to automate outreach to new subscribers, familiarize them with the outcomes you provide, and entice pre-sold buyers onto a sales call.

Valued at


DM Chat Scripts

DM Chat Scripts

Don’t know what to say in Direct Messages or concerned about outreach taking too long? These 6 copy & paste scripts will eliminate the guesswork & speed your progress.

Valued at


Daily Activity Guides

Daily Activity Guides

Marketing can be overwhelming if you aren’t sure what to do to progress. These 3 checklists will clarify the most impactful marketing activities you can do in just 30 minutes a day.

Valued at


Niche Evaluator Worksheet

Niche Evaluator Worksheet

Choosing one target audience is an essential component of marketing that works. With this worksheet, you can quickly evaluate and pinpoint your ideal-fit, profitable target audience.

Valued at


Target Market Magnet

Target Market Magnet

Marketing that works starts with clarity about your ideal customers’ needs. Yet, it can take weeks to persuade enough people onto target market research calls. Skip the legwork, and get calls booked in minutes with copy & paste templates.

Valued at


Marketing Message Magnifier

Marketing Message Magnifier

Use this cheat sheet to ask the right questions that uncover your ideal customers’ needs & wants. With this information, you’ll be able to create marketing that is powerfully attractive.

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Total Bonus Value


Total Program Investment


Half Off for a Limited Time


Payment Plans Are Available

Hey, it’s Monica: I’m looking for the next 5 to 10 clients to deliver exceptional value and support. Full transparency — the more success you have, the better it is for my business. I’m putting all of my efforts into helping you succeed to create more case studies for this program.

This is the lowest investment this opportunity will ever be, so if you believe this could help you, now is the time to book a call and find out for sure.


Will my investment in this marketing method pay off?

The training, coaching and support you will receive is designed to help get your next 3 clients in as little as 60 to 90 days. Just 2 to 3 clients will pay for – or more than pay for – your investment in this program.


Most service providers get stuck on the feast or famine roller coaster for years, but this training teaches you what you need to get off the hampster wheel. These are the exact skills and knowledge that every service provider in business needs to build, sustain and scale a business for the life of your business.

I'm not very "techie", so I'm concerned I won't be able to keep up.

No worries! Monica has been doing web design, email marketing funnels and social media marketing for 18 years and can guide you through the tech stuff with simple solutions.

How can I be sure I'll be successful with these methods?

All you have to do to be successful with these methods is to follow the steps exactly as they are given and show up for coaching to stay on the right track and overcome any obstacles along the way.

No one starts out perfect at marketing and sales. That’s why you get 6 months of coaching and mentorship from someone who has been in the industry for 18 years! 

I'm pretty busy. How much time will this take?

All you need is 4 hours a week to learn and implement. Spend just 35 min. a day! The concepts you will learn are broken into shorter videos with accompanying handouts so you can easily follow along.


You’ll also have downloadable worksheets to help you blaze through the training, plus bonus customizable scripts and copy-and-paste copywriting to quickly make massive progress.

What if it doesn't work for me?

The methods you’ll learn and implement with this program are airtight, but you get a 30-days “Love it or Leave It” option to check out the program. If for any reason you’re unhappy with it, you’ll get your money back. All you have to do is email Monica, “Send me my money,” and you’ll get it in short order.


After the 30-day period, if you go through the entire program, have watched all of the videos, done the work, and showed up to all of our coaching calls, Monica will personally work with you until you earn back your investment in the program.

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