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Customer Attraction

The most streamlined path to a customer-attracting online presence for service providers

From marketing that gets ignored to having the Strategy, Offers & Messaging that set you apart from the competition.

Optimize Your Entire Online Presence

An end-to-end customer attraction solution for service providers

01. Strategy

Position Yourself to Stand Out
  • Brand Strategy

    Uncover your customers' needs & develop a Magnetic Message to stand out.

  • Irresistible Offers

    Craft or revise core offer services to increase their value & desirability.

  • Sales Strategy

    Accelerate sales for your new offers using proven outreach & sales methods.

02. Design

Clearly Present Your Offers
  • Website Design / Revisions

    Update or develop your website to include your new offers & messaging.

  • Social Media Presence

    Revise profiles to clearly communicate your work and the value you provide.

03. Marketing

Promote Your Brand
  • Build Influence

    Develop a content calendar & publishing schedule to build authority.

  • Attract Leads

    Use free online lead generation methods to book more sales calls and boost business.

  • Pre-Sales Funnel

    Entice prospects with a valuable lead magnet and warm them with an email sequence.

Imagine This ...

Going from


When I hired Vox Pop Marketing I was making around $2,000/month. Now I average $10,000/month with clients spanning the globe. I credit Monica and Vox Pop for my getting global clients, because they wouldn't have known I existed if I hadn't invested in my digital presence.
H. Summers
Cloud Consultant
Your input has been very helpful and with your prompting, I have learned more critical information about marketing a lot faster than I might have without your assistance.
D. Dugas
For the first time, I’m feeling REALLY aligned with what I’ve put together. Everything is starting to feel connected, the bigger picture is making sense. I feel much more confident and like I’m putting my experience and skillset to use.
R. Morgan
Retail Sales Consultant
I went from viewing my business from my corporate experience to viewing it from an entrepreneurial perspective. I made shifts in how I talk about my offer. I know now how I can use the language business owners use.
S. Xouri
Financial Consultant

What You Get

A complete Online Presence that positions you to stand out, attract, and boost business

A Full Marketing Strategy

Have a complete gameplan & the big-picture clarity to promote your business with confidence.

Magnetic Messaging

A clear, consistent message crafted to attract the attention of your ideal customers.

Distinctive Offers

Use your skills & expertise with signature offers your ideal clients will love & remember you for.

Lead Gen Website

A streamlined website that delivers a clear value proposition to increase inquiries & sales calls.

Content Calendar

Have 3 to 6 months of useful content lined up to help you stand out & attract leads.

Lead Gen Methods

Go beyond word of mouth. Use proactive approaches to book more sales calls and boost business.

Lead Funnel

Use content to fill your lead funnel and a simple email sequence to boost inquiries about your offer.

Sales Strategy

Stop winging sales & have an automated and repeatable process to close more deals.

Focus & Alignment

Finally have the right message & offers based on your natural talents so you can simply focus on growth.

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Will this Solution work for You?

The Customer Attraction System works for a range of service industries. If you’re looking for someone to do it all without your participation, we probably won’t be a good fit. However, if you’re willing to work together, have a bit of fun, and learn high-level marketing strategies in the process, then this solution is for you.

Clients who get the best results include:

How to Get Started

Schedule a time below and complete a short questionnaire to chat with Monica. She will call at your designated day and time to see if the Customer Attraction System is a good fit.

This Solution is for you if ...

You Have

An existing business built on word of mouth, and you want to break through to the next level of success in the next 1 to 3 months with improved online marketing.

You Are

A solopreneur or micro business providing services based on your knowledge or technical skills. This includes coaches, consultants, strategists, designers, etc.

Sound like you?

Schedule a day & time below, and complete a short questionnaire to chat with Monica. She will call at your designated day and time you to see if the Customer Attraction System is a good fit.

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About Me

I’m Monica Valentine Reynolds — a longtime marketer & web designer on a mission to help entrepreneurs make their mark. Over 11+ years in business, I've completed nearly 900 marketing projects ranging from messaging & web development to lead funnels & more. Today, I provide an end-to-end online marketing method to help service brands stand out online & attract their ideal clients.