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Are you ready to finally stop leaving money on the table?

Just because YOU like your website doesn’t mean it gets you leads.

MAGNETIZE is for anyone who wants more leads from their website. … It’s also for those who PLAN TO DESIGN a website … and want a professional marketer’s approach.

  • Stop missing out on leads.
  • Make More Money.
  • Spend Less Time Prospecting.
  • Quit stressing where you'll find your next client.

Truth is ... While some web designers are great at design, most are NOT marketing experts.

We’re web designers AND marketers with 15 years experience … And we specialize in Lead Generating Web Design.

Stop your website from leaking profits

Enhance jUST 3 things to get more leads

Most people are too deep in their business to see where they're getting snagged.

MAGNETIZE will strengthen your website in 3 Key Areas:

  1. Copywriting (a.k.a. your marketing message)
  2. Website Layout & Communications Design
  3. Lead Forms, Tracking & Sales Tools

How it works


Fill Out Our Form

First, you’ll fill out our intake questionnaire. This includes the nitty-gritty details about your services, target market, leads and marketing goals. We’ll also ask for your web address, if it applies.


Review Our Findings

Next, you’ll get a detailed email with our findings. These custom notes will address where and how you can improve on the 3 Keys to Leads. Jot your questions. You’ll get answers next.


Get on a Call

Finally, you’ll pick a date for your hour-long MAGNETIZE call. We’ll review your custom lead getting plan and answer your questions. Then, if time allows, we’ll gab on a wildcard topic of your choice.

About Your MAGNETIZE Guide

Hi there!

I’m Monica Valentine, your MAGNETIZE consultant. You’re probably wondering who I am & what qualifies me. It’s a serendipitous story actually …

Back in 2005, I was making jewelry & selling like hotcakes at craft fairs. I thought … “Why not sell more by going online?”. 

So I started on Etsy. Back then you could see the sales a person made & how long they’d been a member. I realized the most successful sellers had their own websites. They had blogs & used social media to promote their products.

I didn’t realize it then. But that was the start of my career. I learned those skills to promote my business. And before I knew it, I was helping other people market theirs.

Since those days, I’ve …

  • Designed over 100 websites.
  • Written 100’s of blog articles & marketing emails.
  • Spent 15+ years perfecting skills in web design and online content marketing. 

Today, I help brands reach & captivate their audience … so they can live their entrepreneurial dreams like I’ve had the fortune to do.

MAGNETIZE was made to help entrepreneurs like you jumpstart greater business success. If you want to grow your business with online marketing, I would love to help you.

Best of luck & I look forward to the potential of speaking. 



Monica Valentine

"Monica assessed my website when I was looking to elevate it from a free site I created. I had very little knowledge on how to maximize it as a marketing tool. Monica is insightful and knowledgeable on not just the strategy behind where to add key copy on a website but how a website can work for you as a marketing tool."
L. De Nicola
Performance Coach

the Easiest Way to Get More Leads ... Without Spending a Fortune

What's included in a MAGNETIZE session

Copywriting Cleanse

The words on your website matter! But sometimes words fail to express a business's value or ... what makes it craveworthy. Each MAGNETIZE session comes with a copywriting review for your website's Home page. You'll be given detailed notes on ways to strengthen your existing marketing message. You'll also learn the best places on your website to feature key copywriting tidbits.

Web Design Remix

Your website might be the best looking thing since Brangelina. We don't want to reinvent the wheel. Some websites need minor adjustments. Others call for full rehab. Whatever the case, you'll get 1 web page mock-up for 2 key pages on your site. These suggestions will keep people on the page AND entice them to take the actions you want. (Feel free to fork over those mock-ups to your designer.)

Nitty-Gritty Notes

You don't like to leave stones unturned. We get it. You'll be given notes for everything we do. From copywriting and design summaries to our hour-long call, you'll be given a record of it all.

Personal Access

Pick a pro marketer's brain ... The notes you get before your MAGNETIZE call will pack valuable information. But we like to add value where we can. In your hour-long MAGNETIZE call, we'll dig even deeper into how you can use your website to interest more leads. Ask your burning questions. Get the juicy answers.

Bonus Round

We might have mentioned we design websites that get leads. If you hire us to design a new website, we'll apply your investment in this program to the balance. This means, when you work with us, you'll save money right off the bat.

Investment: $275

your lost revenues are adding up every day

Your website is getting few or NO leads.

Every day more potential leads slip by.

It’s time to make your website a Lead Generator. Your livelihood depends on it!

Do you have questions? We have answers.

Are you a service provider? Do you want more online leads? Have you designed your website or did you have one designed … and it’s not getting you leads? 

If you answered yes to any of the above, this is for you. Even if you plan to hire a web designer you can benefit from MAGNETIZE.

See, most web designers focus on just the design, NOT on lead conversions. For a bigger return on your investment, we recommend passing your MAGNETIZE notes to your designer.

Alternately! Have the team at Vox Pop Marketing design your website. If you choose to work with us, the fee from this service will be applied to your web design service. So you’ll save money on the front end of the design process.


Before your MAGNETIZE session, you’ll fill out a questionnaire. This includes your web address, if you have one. It also includes details about your services, target market, leads and marketing goals.

Based on your answers, Monica will craft a custom plan for your website. If she has follow-up questions, Monica will reach out to you by email.

You’ll get her findings before your MAGNETIZE session. During the call you’ll be walked through the plan step-by-step. 

And, if there’s time leftover, ask Monica your other burning online marketing questions.


Monica will review the answers you provide in an initial questionnaire. She’ll use that information to draft notes about your …

  • Existing web copy. Is it clear what you do, who you serve and why they should work with you? Is your value clearly expressed? What’s enticing about your offers?
  • Website design and information architecture. How is your copy structured on your website? Is it easy to read? Does your design communicate who you are and what you do in just seconds? Is there a logical flow and will people know what to do next?
  • Lead forms. Where you put forms on your site, and how they’re designed, make a difference. Monica will review these things, plus headlines and calls to action. 

And, don’t forget! Monica will also design one web page mock-up for 2 of your key site pages. We suggest the Home page and a primary Service(s) page.

The point of the mock-ups is visual communication. These designs will help you get your message across in a matter of seconds.


This session is for reviewing your copywriting and web design. If you don’t have a website, MAGNETIZE will give you two strong design drafts. Either way, the purpose is to give you a PLAN to attract leads.

Generally, Monica will guide you on HOW to write or WHAT design tweaks to make to create a powerful impact. But MAGNETIZE isn’t the same as hiring our creative services. If you would like to hire us for design or writing work, we’ll be glad to discuss your project! 

And, if you choose to work with us, the fee from your MAGNETIZE session will apply to your web design service. This means you’ll save money on your website design right off the bat. And, you’ll be further along in the planning process.

If you’re in the Austin, TX, area and would like to meet, we can do a face-to-face. If you live somewhere else, we’ll schedule a virtual meeting on Google Hangouts Meet. Online screen sharing is available, so we can easily communicate around design topics.

Sure! Feel free to invite key players to your MAGNETIZE session. But, please do keep in mind that the more people who are in a meeting, the faster the time goes. We want you to get the most out of your session. So, if you plan to have attendees, please predetermine and streamline questions and points of discussion.

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