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60-minute website review

For the Bootstrapping Entrepreneur who wants more leads

You’ve learned the hard way. Just because YOU like your website doesn’t mean it gets you leads.

Magnetize is an hour-long website review. This 1-to-1 session is for you if you plan to design your website or already have.

In this info-packed hour you’ll be given a custom action plan to make your website a lead attracting machine.

  • Attract your ideal client.
  • Keep them on your website.
  • Get more people asking for your services.
  • Have more sales conversations every single month.

Investment: $275

Isn't it time to stop leaving money on the table?

Stop losing leads due to ineffectively designed web pages and unclear messaging.

Getting leads online takes more than slapping a website together. You need a clear message and an organized, strategic design.

Here's what's included in a Magnetize session ...

  • Hour-long consulting call
  • Web copy review
  • Key copy placement suggestions
  • Headline and call to action suggestions
  • 2 Web page mock-ups
  • Lead form design and placement suggestions
  • List of resources/tools to improve user experience & marketing results

About Your 'Magnetize' Guide

Content Marketing and Web Design Strategist

Monica Valentine has specialized in online marketing and web design since 2005. Today, she draws on her background in newspaper journalism, marketing and design to help service providers compellingly communicate their services and unique value to their target audiences.

Additionally, Monica uses her knowledge of buyer behavior, Search Engine Optimization and Landing Page design best practices to help businesses attract more leads with their websites.

"Monica is insightful and knowledgeable on not just the strategy of where to add key copy on a website but how a website can work as a marketing tool." — L. De Nicola, Performance Coach

Do you have questions?
We have answers!

Are you a service provider? Do you want more online leads? Have you designed your website and it’s not getting you leads? Or, do you PLAN to design your website and want to get the most possible leads from it?

If you answered yes to any of the above, this is for you.

Even if you plan to hire a web designer you can benefit from Magnetize. See, most web designers focus on just the design, NOT on lead conversions. For a bigger return on your web design investment, we recommend passing your Magnetize session notes to your designer.

Alternately! Have the team at Vox Pop Marketing design your website. If you choose to work with us, the fee from this service will be applied to your web design service, saving you money on the front end of the design process.

Before your Magnetize session, you’ll fill out a questionnaire. This includes your web address (if applicable), details about your services, target market, lead generation and marketing goals. If she has follow-up questions, Monica will reach out to you by email, before your session.

Next, based on your intake form answers, Monica will craft a custom plan for your website. During your Magnetize session, you will receive notes to keep and you’ll be walked through the plan step-by-step.

Monica will review the answers you provide in an initial questionnaire. She’ll use that information to draft a design for 2 of your key web pages. We suggest the Home page and a primary Service(s) page.

In addition, Monica will review any of your existing web copy and be prepared to make general copy editing suggestions, if needed. This will help you to better attract and communicate value to your target audience.

The Magnetize session is for reviewing your copywriting and web design (if any), as well as mapping a strong web design plan to attract leads. Monica will suggest tweaks to your copy and web design to make your pages more effective.

Generally, she will guide you on HOW to write or WHAT design tweaks to make to create a powerful impact. But Magnetize isn’t the same as hiring creative services. If you would like to hire out design work, we’ll be glad to discuss your project! 

And, if you choose to work with us, the fee from your Magnetize session will be applied to your web design service, saving you money on the front end of the design process.

If you’re in the Austin, TX, area and would like to meet, we can do a face-to-face. If you’re located somewhere else, we will schedule a virtual meeting via Google Hangouts Meet. Online screen sharing is available, allowing for easy communications around design topics.

Feel free to invite key players to your Magnetize session. However, please keep in mind that the more people there are in a meeting, the faster the time goes. If you plan to have attendees, please predetermine and streamline any questions or points of discussion.

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