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Marketing on Pinterest for Service Providers

Learn how services providers can market on Pinterest.
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Are you looking to reach a broader audience with your marketing strategy? Have you tried Pinterest? Pinterest is the fourth most popular social media network. Marketing on Pinterest is underrated and undervalued by service providers looking for ways to increase traffic to their website, attract more leads/customers, and improve digital product sales.

If you’re ready to get started with Pinterest, there are a few straightforward steps you’ll need to complete:


Claim your business website on Pinterest. This step consists of verifying that you own a specific domain, and it requires you to upload an HTML file to your website.


Set up your boards. Take a look at the profiles of brands similar to yours to find “pin-spiration”. This can help you determine which boards you’ll create and post pins to.

And finally, three:

Content Creation. Design pins for Pinterest using tools like Photoshop or Canva. Your pins can link to your business Blog, include a Video depicting services, or display Infographics or Products related to your services.

How does marketing on Pinterest work

As an overview, Pinterest is a highly visual site that lets you “pin” or collect images from the Web. Pins are organized into “boards” that you create and categorize by topic. Most of the images — or pins — link back to the original website they appeared on so people can easily access them later.

For best results, build boards and collect pins that relate to your brand and are of interest to your audience. Ideally, you will pin the most items from your own website to drive traffic back to your web pages. Pinterest can be a lot of fun, but it’s important to incorporate it into your business’s overall content marketing strategy. This will help you to more effectively reach new audiences and grow awareness for your brand, its services and products.

Benefits of Marketing on Pinterest

With Pinterest, you can expand your product or service reach and increase brand recognition.

Having more than 100 million users, marketing on Pinterest can increase your website traffic by displaying your pins that link back to your blog posts, sales pages or even the FAQ’s about your site. You can help people pin images from your blog posts to their boards, making it easy to return to your website, by adding a Pin-it button on the page.

In addition, Pinterest has algorithms and search engine optimization rules. You can optimize your Pinterest content in the same way you optimize your web content for search engines. For example, be sure to write detailed and engaging copy for all of the pins you create. Incorporate keywords in your descriptions that people are searching for on Pinterest so your pins can show up high in the search results.

How Service Providers Can Use Pinterest for Marketing

On top of having a large following, most people hope the platform will drive traffic to their website and increase the number of people reaching out for service consultations. One crucial factor when using Pinterest for marketing is to make sure your links work. Having many links with breaks can damage your brand’s reputation. If you’re a WordPress user, install the Broken Link Checker plugin to be notified and fix dead links when this happens.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the words themselves can draw potential audiences. Clear, visually stunning images earn high marks in the Pinterest realm. That said, only use photos that are of the highest quality and make sure your visual message compliments your written statement. You can learn more about how to create the perfect Pinterest image here.

On another note, Pinterest gives you a perfect opportunity to splash your business branding across the Web. Be sure to use your branded colors and fonts on all of your pins and people will come to recognize your brand.

Some best practices when using Pinterest for marketing include the following:


  • Use images that are vertical. (1000px × 1500px)
  • Brand your pins.
  • Consider using 30-90 sec. Videos.
  • Pins without faces receive 23% more pins.
  • Display attention grabbing headlines on the pins (ie: Problem + Solution).
  • Promote your company’s lead magnet to build your list of email subscribers.


And also consider:


  • Learn about the audience and demographics that are most likely to use Pinterest.
  • Consider your brand’s specific audience and if they are spending time on Pinterest.
  • See what your competitors are doing.
  • Always include a pinnable graphic in each of your blog posts.
  • Incorporate content for Pinterest into your social media calendar.


As you progress with using Pinterest, navigating it and getting results in the form of followers, pins and web traffic will become second nature to you. So go ahead and give it a go! And while you’re at it, remember to follow Vox Pop Marketing on Pinterest.

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