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Plan for powerful marketing communications

*This is a Complimentary Call

Level 1 Service

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The Goal

Get clear on the story your brand should tell with its marketing.


Have your custom Messaging Blueprint in as little as 2 business weeks.


"Brand Messaging Blueprint" marketing communications guidelines PDF

message comes before marketing

To stand out in a crowded market, you need a message that differentiates your brand.

If you’ve ever thought your messaging was bland or generic … Or if you’ve tried for years to get it right … this “Marketing Message Blueprint” service is for you. 

how This Service works


Complimentary Consultation

First, book a no-obligation call. We’ll use the time to learn about your brand and current messaging needs, and identify new marketing communications opportunities for your business.


Message Review
& Planning

Messaging Review & Planning

When you hire our services, we’ll further explore your business, products and services on a follow-up call. We’ll also review your website and social media, share recommendations and draft your custom “Marketing Message Blueprint” PDF Guide.


Plan Presentation
& Consultation

Plan Presentation & Consultation

Finally, we’ll present your downloadable “Marketing Message Blueprint” on a phone or video conference call. Each “Blueprint” comes with specific marketing recommendations.

*This is a Complimentary Call

Monica Valentine
Founder of Vox Pop Marketing

Hello! Monica Valentine here. For nearly a decade, I’ve helped small businesses to persuade, influence and attract customers with online marketing.

But that’s not what sets me apart ...

My “secret sauce” is an insightful nature and the ability to blend authentic marketing with an analytical approach.

In this service, I take time to learn the complex nuances of your business and reflect its true nature.

No doubt, powerful brand narratives captivate audiences and drive business growth ...

Yet many businesses do marketing without a messaging strategy.

This often results in a lack of differentiation, generic, untargeted marketing and misspent time and money.

If your brand needs a more captivating and effective narrative, schedule a call with me. To book your complimentary call, click the button below.


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Is your marketing not moving the needle?

How much longer will you wait to fix it? Take the next step.

Marketing Message Blueprint
Service Package

$ 299
  • Complimentary 30-minute consultation
  • Deep Dive Interview (To learn all about your brand & offerings)
  • Marketing Message Blueprint (Your Custom Marketing Message Guide)
  • 30-Minute Plan Presentation & Marketing Consultation
  • Website Review, Report & Recommendations
  • Social Media Marketing Review, Report & Recommendations
  • Bonus Bundle: PDF Marketing Resources

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Book your complimentary, no-obligation call in the form below. Monica will learn about your business and uncover any hidden opportunities for marketing development.

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