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Plan Your 2023 Business Goals: With Workbook

plan your 2023 business goalsIt’s December and that means it’s time to plan the year in business ahead! This article will help you to plan your 2023 business goals – specifically marketing and sales. As a bonus, this article comes with a free downloadable workbook. Use it to craft your vision and meet your goals in 2023. It includes journaling prompts and goal-setting sheets to help you stay on top of your goals each month and quarter!

Read to the end for my most important tips to help you plan your 2023 business goals and make them a reality! If you do the goal-setting exercises and you don’t do these things, then it’s going to be a waste of your time.

Disclaimer: While we are talking about marketing and sales, marketing metrics such as key performance indicators (KPIs) are not included in the goal-setting workbook. While metrics are an important aspect of marketing, you can track those separately from the vision planning we are doing today.

Why plan your 2023 business goals

Why plan your year ahead? It’s simple. When we have a vision for where we’re going, we can plan our route to get there. Clarifying your goals will help you determine what your next best steps should be. This is the secret to creating your most brilliant life and business. If you’ve ever started your workdays without a plan, you know how demotivating and ineffective it can be. Your 2023 business goals plan will help you to start each day excited and ready to progress.

Year End Review

The first step to setting your goals in 2023 is to do a Year End Review. The free workbook included with this article provides journaling prompts to explore the past year in business. This will help you to build on what you learned over the past year. Then, you can carry those lessons forward to grow your business even faster. There’s no sense in repeating the same mistakes! Be sure you have a clear vision of where you’ve been and where you want to go.

plan your 2023 business goals with workbook

Impact Goals

The next step when planning your 2023 business goals is to consider what impact you want to make with your work. Who do you want to serve? How many people do you want to serve? What outcomes do you want to provide?

This will help you to gain clarity on the types of services you might offer or how you might adjust your existing services to be of greater service. It can also point to the types of marketing you might do, and the platforms on which you choose to market.

Financial Goals

Next, you want to set financial goals for the year ahead. How much do you want to earn from your services? What does that mean for the amount of income you need to be pulling in for every month and quarter of the year? And what activities do you need to be doing in order to hit those financial goals?

If you set an attainable goal, it might not provide enough inspiration for you to take action. However, if you set a goal that seems too far out of reach, it can have the same dampening effect. The trick is to determine the amount that will challenge you but that you also feel can be attained with hard work and dedication.

Marketing Goals

Now we’ve arrived at my favorite part of the planning process – marketing goals! To meet your financial goals – and make a big impact – what marketing activities would you like to try in 2023?

Also, what skills do you need to be effective? What books, training or resources will you invest in? You might choose to work with an expert like myself to help you craft your most Magnetic online presence so you can be seen, heard, and remembered online.

Next steps to plan your 2023 business goals

These are just a few of the exercises that are included in the free downloadable workbook to plan your 2023 business goals. Now we’re moving on to the juicy part! This is the key that will help you not just dream about what you want in 2023 but actually achieve it.

Prioritize your goals

After you’ve finished the journaling prompts and set your goals for the year, then you will put a star by your most important goals. Next, you will write your top priority on the Quarter One worksheet in the workbook. So, in 2023, your first quarter will be dedicated to your most important goal. Decide what actionable steps you can take and add them to the first three months of the year columns.

Divide and conquer your goals

Once you’re clear on what those activities are, then you will break those steps into even smaller activities to take on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Be sure to add those steps to your daily calendar to hit your marks and stay on track. For example, you may use a Google Calendar or a paper calendar. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as you take action. It really does just take a bit of chipping away at it daily to see those bigger goals become your reality.

So now is the time to take action. Go and download the 2023 goals workbook and start journaling! Get yourself a hot cup of something delicious to drink and enjoy the process. This is meant to be a fun activity that allows you to dream big and that gives you the permission to write your own story for the year ahead. I can’t wait to see what you come up with and what you can do in 2023.

xx – Monica

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