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Remarketing Solutions to Increase Sales

3 Online Marketing S
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Did you know it takes 7 to 12 marketing touchpoints to turn a lead into a buyer? Reaching the same people that many times with online marketing can be tricky. And while you might have heard about, or used “remarketing”, it’s not just a paid ads strategy. In this article, you will learn about three powerful remarketing solutions to increase sales in your business.

Exit Offers

On average, most websites have a bounce rate of between 41 – 55%. Bounce rate is the percentage of your website’s visitors who exit after viewing the page where they landed.

What this tells us is that the majority of first-time visitors to your website won’t become a lead or a buyer.

Many of your first-time visitors will leave and never return. Exit offers are a free (or low-cost) strategy to attract a portion of new, or returning, visitors into your leads pipeline. Exit offers, or “pop-up” windows, are commonly used to …

  • Generate new leads
  • Build your email marketing list
  • Sell products (digital or physical)
  • Reduce shopping cart abandonment

For e-commerce stores, you can use an exit pop-up to …

  • Remind customers there’s something in their shopping cart
  • Promote a related offer as an alternative or an upsell
  • Deliver a discount code (Use a timed countdown to increase urgency)

To be effective, your exit offer should promote one specific benefit related to the topic of the page where it displays. If your website doesn’t currently have exit offer functionality, you might use a third party app like Unbounce of OptIn Monster.

In addition, if it’s time for a website refresh, we offer custom website design that includes dynamic, branded pop-ups and a full box of other marketing tools & capabilities.

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Email Automation

In our real-world relationships, rapport is gradually built with time spent together, regular communication and giving value to one another. Similarly, your email campaigns can be used to emotionally align with your leads and offer value related to their challenges and concerns.

Email automations can keep your audience engaged and help you to segment your leads. Doing so increases sales by allowing you to present more personalized content and offers.

Email Automated Campaign Examples

Each automated email campaign you use should have one distinct goal. Examples of email automated remarketing solutions are …

  • To build rapport – Get them to know, like and trust you and your brand so they’re more likely to engage with your offers.
    Lead magnet follow up – Capture their attention with emails about the topic they opted in for and a related offer.
  • Scale purchases – This email campaign encourages customers to purchase again. Present them new offers related to their interests and continue to give them value along those lines.
  • Segment your list – Find out what they’re interested in so you can present them with more relevant offers.
  • Re-engagement & List clean-up – Stoke dying leads’ interest in your brand and identify leads that can’t be saved so you can clear them out of your list.

If you haven’t yet begun email marketing, and you’re interested in starting, these “Vox Blog” articles can help …

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On average, only 2% of cold traffic converts on the first visit to a website. If you don’t want to lose the other 98%, retargeting ads could be one of your most valuable remarketing solutions.

Retargeting campaigns allow you to present specific website visitors with specific ads across the web. These are little reminders of your brand that are intended to inspire people to action.

To use this technology, you will add a piece of code to your website. This code, which will not display on your website, is called a “pixel”. Once it’s installed, it will “cookie” your visitors and be able to later present them with your ads.

Remember the 7 to 12 marketing touchpoints rule? This is an effective way to stay in front of your bounced traffic after they leave your website.

Retargeting Statistics

Website visitors who are retargeted are more likely to convert by 43%. Source: Criteo

The click-through rate (CTR) of a retargeted ad is 10x higher than the CTR of a typical display ad. Source: Wishpond

91% of marketers who have used retargeting have found it to perform the same as or better than search, email, or other display ads. Source: IAB

In Summary

Retargeting solutions to increase sales in your business come in many forms. While you don’t have to use all methods, establishing just one can make a difference in your business. Whatever you do, be sure to track the results of your efforts and benchmark them against industry averages. If you find one isn’t performing as it should, look for ways to optimize your process. Go forth and remarket!


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