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Why Work With Us?

Our Small Business Web Design Services Get You More Leads in Less Time

Every small business that provides a service needs leads. Your website should be your best leads attracting tool.
Most websites don’t get many leads. It’s not enough for your site to look nice or have all the bells & whistles.
Attractive websites don’t sell. Lots of designers are great at making good looking websites. But they aren’t marketers … and they don’t design for lead conversions.
We ARE marketers. And we DO design for conversions.
Oh yeah! We’ll make it “pretty” too.

How we get you more leads ...

Our small business web design combines several best practises to help you get more online leads. To learn more, click the “plus” buttons below.
Your business should be found in Google search. Our small business web design service helps you do that.
All of our websites are made mobile responsive so your site will load fast and look beautiful on tablets and smart phones. (This is a major plus to get found in search engines.)
Meanwhile, we use search engine optimization best practises in all of our designs. This creates a strong foundation you can build on to get found in search.
Our web designs are easy to navigate so your prospects find what they need and enjoy a longer stay.
Plus, we’re not just web designers. We’re marketers.
We know what information will make the biggest impact on a page. Key information is strategically highlighted and organized within our designs.
This will help attract attention and entice your ideal customer to learn more.


Lead forms are tied to the sales and marketing tools of your choice. This helps you avoid unnecessary work and makes lead nurturing a breeze.

Your website forms can also route inquiries straight to your email inbox.

Do you plan to do email marketing?

We’ll link your lead forms to your email marketing lists. There’s no need to upload new names and emails by hand. It’s automatic when they sign up.

*Ask us about available email software integrations.

Do you use a CRM or other lead nurturing tool?

We can also tie your CRM to any lead form on your website.

*Ask us about available CRM integrations.



Have you written content for your web pages?

Our Standard Package includes copy editing services. (See package details in the column at right).

Copy editing includes proofreading. But, for the most part, it’s about making a clear message that’s targeted to your customers and their needs.

Haven’t written the words for your site … and don’t want to?

We also offer add-on copywriting services where we do all the heavy lifting. Fill out our copywriting questionnaire and we’ll do the rest.



Standard Package

Custom Packages Are Available
$ 3,350
  • Domain name purchase
  • Web Hosting Setup
  • 5-Page Web Design
  • Copy Editing (Copywriting Available)
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Tailor Made Forms
  • Custom Banners + Pop Ups
  • Responsive for Mobile + Tablet
  • Sales + Marketing App Integrations

Want even more leads?

Our small business web design services aren’t the only way to make your mark online. Check out our blog marketing and email marketing packages. We customize all content to your goals so you can get even more web traffic and leads.

Related Services

We won’t build your site and run like the other guys. We maintain the health of your website, as well as update it with new content – and more – as your business evolves.
A lot of web designers are great at making appealing websites. But they aren’t marketing experts. We give you an action plan to attract more leads with your website.
Content is still king. We write and publish strategic blog content for business. This helps draw traffic to your website & nurture leads straight through to the sale.

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