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The Myth of Magic Marketing

Magic Marketing MythSpend time in small business communities, and soon you will hear murmurs of, “Facebook ad marketing is dead,” or “Email marketing doesn’t work”. No one wants to waste time or capital on efforts that won’t bring results. This leaves many entrepreneurs to wonder … Which “Magic” marketing strategies actually work?

A better question is … “What about my marketing is not working and how can I fix it?”

Magic Marketing & The Giant Jigsaw Puzzle

There’s no such thing as one Magic Marketing activity that will save your business. In reality, online marketing is like a giant jigsaw puzzle. There are many essential pieces: your website, blog content, email marketing, social media marketing and paid ads.

When combined, the jigsaw pieces create the full picture. The “full  picture” is the goals you’re working toward: brand awareness, traffic to your website, leads and sales.

False notions of dead marketing strategies are spread inadvertently when marketers promote their “proprietary” know-how as the #1 thing you need to win at business. They also become local lore when entrepreneurs have little luck with their internal marketing efforts.

Missing Marketing Pieces: How to Improve Your Results

Before scrapping one form of marketing for another, consider whether or not you’re missing one of these two key marketing puzzle pieces …

  • A metrics review process and
  • Optimization testing

No matter what type of marketing you do, tracking and reviewing your results is essential. Metrics review can help you to see where your marketing efforts are working and what can be adjusted (optimized) to give you better results.

Examples of metrics review sources are:

  • Facebook insights
  • Google Analytics
  • Email marketing reports

Marketing Recommendations for Small Businesses

As an solopreneur or entrepreneur with a small team, it can be difficult to develop a well-rounded, strategic plan that gets consistent results.

Whether you’re bootstrapping your business or you have capital to hire marketing services, be sure to set up at least one evergreen online leads funnel. A funnel consists of driving traffic to your website, capturing leads when they get there and using marketing automation to prime leads for purchasing your offers.

Once your first lead funnel is set up, track the metrics. Look for indications of where you can improve your marketing, and make small changes over time until your funnel consistently delivers the results you want.

What to Read Next

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In Summary 

Don’t let the myth of “Magic Marketing” derail your efforts. An effective marketing funnel consists of all aspects of today’s online marketing practices. These include social media marketing, paid ads, blog and email marketing. Your website should also be lead attractive. Test all of your marketing efforts, and make changes over time to increase their effectiveness. Our free “Lead Attraction System & Checklist” can help. Get your copy below. Happy marketing!


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