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Need a tech person to maintain your website?

Flexible Website Maintenance Services

If you plan to market your business online, you’ll need regular website updates. We provide a single point of contact for all of your website maintenance needs. This means quicker updates and full accountability.

We're here to help you ...

  • Get found in search.
  • Maintain the health & security of your website.
  • Update your site as your business evolves.
  • Manage your web hosting and site backups.
  • Translate all the "tech speak".

No contracts. No Hassle. Cancel anytime.

Website Maintenance Services & Pricing

How Our Service Packages Work

Our website maintenance packages are flexible and easy. We offer a wide range of services to maintain the health of your website. We also publish updates and create share-worthy content to attract leads.

Choose from a 10-, 20- or 30-hour service package. View our selection of services, at right. Then, let us know what you’d like done for you.

Don’t need that many hours in one month? No worries! Service hours roll over for up to 12 months. Now you can rest easy knowing you have a tech team on call whenever the need arises.


What our clients have to say

10 Hours

Use any of these services
$ 750
  • (SEO) Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Software Updates
  • Web Hosting Management
  • New Web Page Design
  • Copy Editing
  • Blog Marketing Consulting
  • Blog Editorial Calendar
  • Blog Posts Writing
  • Blog Posts Publishing
  • Email Marketing Consulting
  • Email Content Writing
  • Email Content Publishing
  • Editorial Calendar Planning
  • Products or Service Additions

About Your Website Maintenance Expert

Content Marketer, Web Designer + Strategist

Monica Valentine has specialized in online Content Marketing and Web Design since 2005. Today, she draws on her skills and background in newspaper reporting and magazine editing to promote her clients online.

Her knowledge of buyer behavior, Search Engine Optimization and Landing Page design further help attract more leads for the businesses she serves.

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