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'Customer Attraction System'

Stages 1 -3 of our marketing method

Stage One

Get a 'Marketing Blueprint'

A social media presence isn’t enough. Marketing that wins new business starts with a tailored brand-marketing strategy. Whether you’re starting from scratch, or have marketing in place, we’ll identify what’s not working and give you a plan to stand out and get more customers online.

Stage Two

Branding & Web Design

With more people than ever starting their own business, having a distinctive brand and website is a must. Before we do any marketing for your business, we’ll work with you to create branding and web pages that connect with your audience on an emotional level. Whether you have existing branding or are starting from scratch, we’ll help to craft your most extraordinary visual story.

Stage Three

Marketing Setup

In Stage Three of the “Customer Attraction System”, you’ll be ready to market your business and win new customers online. Marketing setup includes a game plan to drive people to your website and service offers. We’ll work with you to implement your entire marketing plan or simply fill the gaps where your marketing has holes.