How to Create More Content in Less Time

How can you create more content in less time so you can reach more people online and pull leads and clients to your services? In this article, you’ll learn a three-step process to create more content each and every month to help you draw those leads into your business.

This process will give you a seamless way to create 48 to 52 individual pieces of content each month. The content that you create might look like this:

♦ 4 videos

♦ 4 podcast episodes

♦ 4 blog posts

♦ 4 newsletters

♦ 12 stories

♦ 24 social media posts

Indeed, this is a lot of content, and you may want to hire a social media marketer or virtual assistant to help you to create it all. However, because the process you will learn streamlines content creation, you should be able to pull all of this off on your own. If you do hire help, you will at least have a process that makes content creation more time and cost-effective.

3-Steps to Create More Content in Less Time

Time Blocking

In order to create a high volume of content, you need to block time for it on the calendar so it gets done on a regular schedule. Once you know what weekly content you will produce, you can track on your calendar when you need to have filmed, written content, completed editing, and so on. Think through every step and how long it will take. Then, detail the activities and block the appropriate amounts of time on your calendar.

Circular Viralocity

Circular Viralocity is an idea coined by Brendan Burchard. This concept will help you to create a whole lot of content based on one content vehicle. Ideal content vehicles for this process are videos, audio recordings, and blog posts. Select the content vehicle that you’re most interested in, have a knack for, and can sustain over a long period of time.

Let’s suppose you choose video as your content vehicle. You will start by producing a video. Then, transcribe the video into a blog post. You could even strip the audio out of the video and produce a podcast. Next, create a newsletter that links to your blog post where you’ve embedded your video. Finally, use concepts from your blog post to create social media content that links back to your blog post and video. Now you can see the circular nature of this process!

Project Management Tracking

The third key that you need to know to keep track of all of this is that you want to be using project management software to determine what content you’ll cover, outline key concepts, and track what needs to be done and when. Trello is free project management software that makes it easy to create a Content Planning “board”, topic “lists”, and note “cards” that can be categorized under your lists. Some of the lists I use to keep track of my content production process are:

  1. Content ideas
  2. Content plan for the month ahead
  3. Social media posts of the week


To learn more about this topic, watch the video embedded on this page to view my Content Planning board in Trello and see how it works.

Take action now

Now that you know how to produce a whole lot of content in way less time, grab a pen and paper and write your answers to these questions:

  1. What will you choose as your content “vehicle” so you can stand out and become known online?
  2. Who will you make your content for and what problems will you help them to solve?
  3. What are 3 topics will you cover to establish your expertise and generate interest in your services?


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