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Stunning, Brand-Forward & Strategic Web Design Solutions

When your personal brand and online presence matter, our web design services are choice solutions.

It all starts with your Magnetic Message and Uniquely YOU brand. Not sure how to shape your brand and message to shine to your tribe? No worries. Our Magnetic Message service lays the foundation by tapping into your brand's unique difference and message. This sets the stage for a website that connects with your audience and inspires them to take action.

While not every client may need to start with Magnetic Messaging, we're here to guide you on a complimentary Brand Navigator call. On the call, we'll determine the next best step based on your specific needs and previous marketing efforts. Together, we'll ensure that your online presence showcases your unique brand, story and voice to attract more of the right clients.

Read on to learn about our unique service solutions.

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WordPress Web Design & Redesign

Magnetic Website Design

Custom WordPress Web Design

Starts at $1350

Want a custom WordPress website that is both visually appealing and highly functional? You got it! With our web design services, you'll have an easy-to-use website and a powerful online presence that delivers results.

Finally! A custom WordPress website that’s so easy to use, even our Dads can do it! Simple drag & drop tools make updating pages a breeze.

Around here, we scoff at the idea of customizing a template. Instead, our websites are built for you from scratch.

And no worries, there’s no hand holding needed on your part. With two decades of online marketing expertise, Monica is here to lead the design by putting the best solutions forward and getting your input along the way about what has been created for you.


This gives you exactly what your website needs to make an impact. This means faster loading web pages that keep visitors happily scrolling through your website.

Around here, we scoff at the idea of customizing a template. Instead, our websites are built just for you from scratch, using tools that are a breeze for you to update.

And no worries! There’s NO Hand Holding needed on your part. With two decades of online marketing expertise, Monica is here to lead the design by putting the best solutions forward and getting your input about what has been created for you along the way.

This keeps the project moving quickly, lets you focus on other priorities, and gives you exactly what your website needs to make an impact. 

Custom blog design includes a main page with your most recent posts, featured posts, and additional features of your choice. It also includes categories of your choice and archives pages to make it easy for your audience to find the content they are most interested in.

Showcase your work in stunning displays. Options include sliding images and photo grids with click-to-enlarge and lightbox functionality.

Embed YouTube, Vimeo, or locally uploaded videos into your website. We can customize the video player display with your brand colors for that added high-end touch. Plus, videos can be embedded into your page design to create an eye catching, modern-sophisticate background. This is ideal for text or areas of your website where you’d like to draw extra attention.

Popup boxes can be crazy annoying. On the other hand, they can be mega useful at getting website visitors to take action — if you can control how they behave. 

That’s why we love our custom pop-up boxes feature. It comes with full control over not just the design, but the pop-up timing, the pages where its displayed, the number of times it’s displayed, and other custom parameters to enhance the user experience.

Contact forms can be super ugly, clunky and hard to use. Not on your website!

With full control over the design, inputs, and layouts, getting more client inquiries and call bookings becomes a total cake walk. You get all of the information you need, and it lands right in your email inbox of choice.

We can even redirect people to a page of your choice after submitting the form, so they are presented with an offer or details that prepare them for your meeting, and get them pumped to take the next step.

You know how some people’s email opt-ins don’t exist on their actual website?

We call foul on that!

Wouldn’t it be better to have a beautifully designed, custom opt-in page and subscriber form on your actual website?

We think so too! And that’s just another perk of the websites we build. Whether you use MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Constant Contact or something else, we can hook it up.

You might have heard it through the grapevine that updating a custom-designed website is H.A.R.D.

Usually, that’s true. But with our service, your custom website doesn’t include walls of code or other complexities.

Instead, you’ll find a user-friendly, dare-we-say intuitive interface that even our Dads could use. (True story.)

All of our web design services come with a reference video library of bite-sized instructions to update your home on the web anytime you please.

Explore Our Portfolio

See a small sample of our web design portfolio, below.

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Done-With-You Website

Magnetic Website
Strategy Sessions

For all website platforms

$850 one-time investment

If your website isn't bringing leads and clients, you're not afraid to DIY, and you aren't quite ready for a professional redesign, the Magnetic Website Strategy Sessions are just the ticket.

Together, we'll update key pages of your website to clarify your brand's value and increase the desirability of your services. In the end, you'll have an upgraded website that inspires more people to book a session, enroll in your course, or join your membership.

Before engaging our services, you will recieve a complimentary consultation to identify key pages of your website for refinement. These are typically the Homepage, Services page(s), and other offers pages that — when updated — can give you that revenue boost you’re looking for.

Want to zero in on your key pages for updates? Click the button, below, to schedule your free consultation. 

To kick off your service, you will receive video recommendations for each page we’ve identified as key opportunities for refinement and revneue growth.

Recommendations include important details such as page and section layout, messaging refinement, and little design tweaks that can make a huge difference for visitors’ comprehension and engagement.

This service comes with 4 dedicated consulting and collaboration hours that we’ve dubbed, the Creative Compass Sessions.

Once you’ve had a chance to review the video recommendations, you might want to try your hand at updates and then hop on a Creative Compass call to fine-tune your approach.

If you’d rather not go it alone, we can dedicate your Creative Compass Sessions to working through all of the page updates together in real time.

A little nudge here and a there goes a long way to polishing a web page design. With a lifetime as a classically trained fine artist — plus 20 years of marketing and web design experience — Monica has a sharp eye for web page design. 

On our Content Compass collaboration calls, you will be guided to fine-tune your page layouts and design approach. The end result will be visually polished pages that send an immediately clear and compelling message, guiding visitors to take the next step.

It’s the next best thing to having your website professionally designed!


Vox Pop Marketing handled my website redesign and search engine optimization. The first week the web page was up I made $20,000. I couldn't believe the difference it made!​

Working with Vox Pop Marketing on our website redesign helped take the pressure off of our team. We are a small family-owned, fast-paced business and Monica stepped right in with calm confidence. She is very thorough and handless details smoothly. She listens, takes feedback well, and produces high-quality work fast. She's creative and has an ability to turn conceptual ideas into appealing graphic/web art. We are very pleased with our web design outcome and look forward to using her for any future projects as needed.

Monica supported me in assessing my website as I was looking to elevate it from a basic, free site I created not long ago. I had very little knowledge on how to best maximize it as a marketing tool. Monica is insightful and knowledgeable on not just the strategy behind where to add key copy on a website but how it can work for me as a marketing tool. — L. De Nicola, Performance Coach

Our new site looks amazing. It’s easy to navigate and we are getting more traffic. We were also able to do it over the phone and through email which was convenient. We would absolutely recommend Vox Pop Marketing to someone looking for web design. Thank you for making the process effortless. We are very happy with our new site.

I hired Monica to create a professional website. She was easy to work with, prompt, and communicative. The experience was less tedious than I expected. I have recommended Monica's services multiple times already.

We wanted our new website to look clean, simple and good. I’m pretty picky, so I was worried we were going to go back and forth a couple of times, and we did not. Monica nailed the design right away and it was a very easy process. I like the modern, minimalist simplicity of our new website … it works well on the cell phone and desktop. I would recommend Vox Pop Marketing to others. The pricing is good, Monica is easy to work with and she’s good at what she does.

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