Six Elements of a Magnetic Message for Online Service Providers

Picture effortlessly drawing in your ideal customers with every word you share. A captivating online presence like this starts with a strategically crafted “Magnetic Message.”  Read on to learn the six essential elements of messaging that resonates deeply and helps you stand out online to your ideal customers. But first …

What is a Magnetic Message?

A Magnetic Message is a clear, compelling brand message that sets you apart and makes the competition irrelevant. In my Magnetic Message service, I help clients articulate their authentic brand and message, which goes beyond superficial elements like fonts and colors.

As part of Magnetic Message, my clients receive two key documents: 

  • The Brand Map: Clarifies your brand’s characteristics, values, and personality, aligned with your customers’ needs.
  • The Magnetic Message Playbook: Provides the language for your marketing communications, eliminates guesswork, and ensures consistency in how you present your brand.


Inside the Magnetic Message Playbook

What follows is a sneak peek at the contents of the Magnetic Message Playbook document. These are the essential elements used to craft a consistent, compelling brand message.

Brand Summary

The Brand Summary is a brief overview of your brand’s core elements: its mission, core values, tone, personality, voice and tagline. This summary is a quick reference point based on the detailed insights gathered in the initial Brand Map phase. It ensures that your communications draw on your brand foundation so it consistently shines through your messaging across all touch points.

Customer Journey Map

One of the key tools in the Messaging Playbook is the Customer Journey Map. It shows you exactly what problems your services solve for customers and the benefits they get. This “map” tells us what your customers want, outlines their challenges, and details what motivates them internally. It also outlines the potential outcomes they could achieve — or miss out on — by choosing or not choosing your services.

Key Unique Attributes

Next, we summarize the unique qualities that set you apart in your industry. This section is a quick reference point for what makes your services exceptional and valuable. You can use these points to craft messaging that showcases your strengths and sets you apart.

Competitive Landscape Analysis

It’s no secret. Your customers have an endless array of services to choose from. The Competitive Landscape Analysis helps you understand those choices and gives you the language to explain what they can expect from each option. You can refer to these detailed points to craft content and sales materials about why your services are the best choice and lead customers to confidently choose your solutions.

Signature Messaging Suite

When it comes to “magnetic” messaging, the Signature Messaging Suite is where it’s at. This section of the Messaging Playbook includes your professional bio, a one-liner that sums up what makes you unique, a compelling elevator pitch, and a detailed 500-word description of your top benefits for your target audience. This messaging can be used across your website, social media bios, sales materials, and more to ensure your communications are consistent and compelling.

Point of View Messaging

To stand out online, becoming a thought leader is key. The Thought Leadership section of the Messaging Playbook captures your insights to establish you as an industry authority. When you share your perspectives, your content becomes more engaging and sets you apart from others who rely on generic facts. You can easily integrate these insights into social media posts or reference them in podcast interviews, for example.

Wrapping it Up

These six elements inside the Magnetic Messaging Playbook work hand in hand to give you a consistent, compelling brand message. You and your team can use it to resonate with your ideal audience, stand out from competitors, boost credibility, and increase sales opportunities.

Would you like to apply this approach to your business?

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