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I knew I needed mentorship and guidance from someone that could think outside the box and was willing to hold my hand and take me through it. I wasn’t feeling confident with my marketing and branding and felt unclear about my place. For the first time, I’m feeling REALLY aligned with what I’ve put together. Everything is starting to feel connected, the bigger picture is making sense, I understand what I’m doing and feel much more confident. And I actually feel like I’m putting my experience and skillset to use. It’s alllll clicking. I couldn’t be any happier.


If you need help with branding/marketing, reach out to Monica Valentine Reynolds She’s a rockstar!

When I hired Vox Pop Marketing I was making around $2,000/month. Now I average $10,000/month with clients spanning the globe. I credit Monica and Vox Pop for my getting global clients, because they wouldn't have known I existed if I hadn't invested in my digital presence.

Your input has been very helpful and with your prompting, I have learned more critical information about marketing a lot faster than I might have without your assistance.

When I found you I was neededing to attract clients. I think it was a confidence problem. I feel I was supported with your coaching. I went from viewing my business from my corporate experience to viewing it from an entrepreneurial perspective. I started thinking like a business owner, not like a corporate job. I was talking in a corporate language until now and I made shifts in how I talk about my offer. I know now how I can use the language business owners use.

Monica helped me clarify the challenges I was having in my marketing. She has the ability to quickly understand your situation and has an extensive online marketing knowledge base. I highly recommend you engage her with your marketing challenges.

Vox Pop Marketing helped us clarify our goal for our message. Monica promised and over delivered her product. We will be using her services long term.