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3 Pillars to Magnetic ‘You’ Marketing

The other day I was on a marketing mastermind call with a group of business owners. One guy said he’s published a lot of content and it’s not getting him any leads or recognition. He was wondering how to stand out online.

After having provided marketing services to small business owners for 11 years, I know for sure that simply putting consistent content out there doesn’t mean that you’ll have this huge audience of people lining up to have calls with you. So I shared how I help my clients to stand out online.

If you can keep a secret …

I’m going to walk you through the exact process that I shared with the mastermind group to help take your marketing from meh to magnetic – without using the same tactics that everyone is using – and instead, become memorable by being uniquely you.

Pillar One: Authentic Branding

Within Branding, there are three main steps you’ll take to clarify and “turn up the volume” on your most magnetic and irresistible brand.

Step One: Self-Exploration

First, you want to clarify why you’re in business beyond just making money. Making money is nice, but profits without a sense of purpose is kind of boring, and over time it just gets to be another “meh” day at the office.

This is a big key to how we can draw people to us — or repel them. If you are passionate about what you’re doing, people can tell and it’s magnetic. They can sense it in your body language, the tone of your voice, and the quality of your work. If you’re not excited about the services you provide, then it’s going to show as well, and it’s less attractive.

So do some self-exploration. Who do you feel most drawn to help? What do you feel purposeful or passionate about? What is the one big transformation you can provide that you want to be known for and that you deeply care about?

Step Two: Brand Essence

Next, you want to carry over what you learned in Self-Exploration into step two: Brand Essence. This is your brand “vibe”. If you are a coach, consultant, or micro-business owner, then YOU are your brand – and you are uniquely magnetic. Certain qualities of yours will draw your ideal clients to you. So it’s important to pinpoint what makes you magnetic and turn up the volume on it in your branding and in your personal presence.

Consider these questions: What makes you different? Which qualities will your audience be drawn to? And, how can you use these qualities to stand out?

Step Three: Brand Positioning

In this step, you will boldly OWN your difference and clarify where your brand fits into the landscape of what’s available. At that point, you can unquestionably articulate what sets your brand apart from what everyone else in your industry is doing.

Pillar Two: Offers (Passion + Profits)

In this pillar of the process, we align your passion – and/or sense of purpose – with profits. This is how you do your best work that gets people referring so you start to see more profits rolling through the door.

P2, Step One: Offer Creation

In Self-Exploration, you pinpointed who you want to help and the one transformation you want to be known for. Now it’s time to craft a transformative service offering that allows you to make an impact on the people who need your help. To do so, you will map the step-by-step plan you will take your clients through to get results!

P2, Step Two: Offer Messaging

Once you have a transformative service offer that delivers a distinct, needed, and crave-worthy outcome, you’ll work on Offer Messaging. What language is needed to communicate the transformation you provide? How is it different from other available options? What benefits people can expect from working with you? Why should they fork over their cash because it’s going to be an amazing thing for them?

P3, Step Three: Sales

Without a clear and working sales strategy, you will potentially lose more opportunities than you win. So, to make sure your hard work pays off, you will have a clear sales process that makes it comfortable for you and the person on the other end of the line to explore the possibility of working together.

This is about finding those right-fit clients who have a need for what you offer. You want to identify whether or not you can help them to get the transformation you provide. And, obviously, you need a person who is ultimately willing to invest in getting the resolution they’re seeking. When all of these factors are present, you have A+ client opportunity!

Pillar Three: Magnetic Marketing

In this phase, you’ll bring everything together to increasingly gain online (or offline) recognition, grow your audience and attract more of your right-fit clients.

P3, Step One: Audience Growth

In the audience growth phase, you will cast a wide net to expand your opportunities and help draw those ideal-fit clients to you. Audience growth activities come in many forms, so you can test out and choose the activities that you are most interested in. That way, you will be more likely to take action to quickly build your audience of potential clients and become more widely known as the go-to person in your field.

P3, Step Two: Lead Generation

There are probably a thousand different ways that you can market yourself and gather leads – online and offline! In this stage, you will test out and choose online and/or offline lead-generation activities that you are interested in.

If you find that you hate prospecting online or you don’t like to send cold DMs or whatever it is, you don’t have to do it. Because if you don’t enjoy the process – if you feel weird about it or uncomfortable – then you’re not going to do it and that’s not going to serve you. So we want to look for ways – either online or offline or both – where you have a sense of fun and play about marketing and lead generation.

The great news is, you don’t have to do your branding and marketing the way everyone else does. (Cheers!) You can choose from a varied list of activities to find your “playful” marketing mix that draws in leads and clients.


This entire process you’ve just learned about is an explorative, guided journey to discover your most authentic, magnetic branding and marketing.

It will help you craft your most authentic brand, align purpose, passion & profits, and attract fantastic-fit clients. Plus, you’re going to have this growing audience of people who are excited about what you do, because you’re not just marketing to them with tactics and cookie-cutter messages. You are marketing to them with something that’s unique and different because it came from you – and you are a unique individual.

What to Do Next

So I would love to know – is your marketing authentically you right now? Are you having fun with it and getting great results? …

If not – and you would like to align Fun, Passion & Purpose with Profits – then you may be interested in a Profit (With Purpose) Plan. This is a complimentary discussion where you will be given a Recommendations Roadmap to stand out online (or offline) with your most magnetic and irresistible brand.

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With her unique background in journalism and marketing, Monica V. Reynolds believes every entrepreneur has a story worth telling. She helps service providers craft their most authentic, magnetic message, website, and marketing.

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