3 Ways to Connect With Customers Through Content



Are you a skilled coach, consultant, or online services provider … but you feel like a best-kept secret? If you’ve posted on social networking sites, but your content hasn’t attracted interest in your services, you might be tempted to think online marketing no longer works. Or, you may think you’re a terrible marketer.

Neither is the case!

Rather, the online space is saturated with information. As a result, you need a strategic approach to stand out as clearly different. In this article, we’ll cover how to adjust your content marketing approach to set yourself apart and enhance interest in your services.

Market Research

Before you invest time or money in content, start with a foundation of market research. When you understand your audience and competitors, you can craft clearer, more insightful and emotionally resonant messaging.

In my Magnetic Message service, I help clients do market research and craft the right message to stand out and connect through their marketing. This strengthens the overall approach and positions you to get a return on investment from your marketing.

Establish Thought Leadership

Today, people are bombarded with information. As a result, it’s no longer enough to recite facts in your content. People can find information anywhere. Just ask Google or Chat GPT, right?

Instead, when you share unique insights based on your expertise and experience, more people will take notice. This is called thought leadership.

In my Magnetic Message service, we develop your thought leadership in a coaching session where we capture and document your unique point of view. This is a key part of your uniquely-YOU brand.

Navigate the Buyer’s Journey

As a service provider or course creator, your work is to solve customers’ challenges. In large part, communicating your solution and meeting their needs begins with understanding the stages they go through as they seek solutions. This is called the buyer’s journey.

The buyer’s journey includes the following stages:

  1. Problem awareness
  2. Considering solutions
  3. Deciding to purchase

In addition, it helps to put yourself in your prospective client’s shoes and consider what they need to know before they are ready to buy. Answers to these questions point to the types of content you need to create and the information to add to your website.

Develop a Clear Content Plan

After you’ve done the previous steps, it’s time to define a clear action plan. This is the work I do with my clients in Content to Cash. As a result, you know where to focus your efforts so you do less and get better results over time.

We determine which social networks to focus your time on and one or more methods to be visible to your target audience. Also, we pinpoint content gaps and outline content to create that educates prospective clients and explains your methods. Lastly, we develop a web traffic and lead generation plan to increase inquiries.

Connect Through Content

Do you have a market research approach to clarify the needs and interests of your market? Have you established thought leadership to set you apart in the noisy online space? Kudos! You’re on your way to connect through content.

However, if that’s not you, I’m here to help. With Magnetic Message you will be positioned as clearly different. With Content to Cash, you will have an efficient, effective action plan to stand out, resonate with ideal clients, and grow your business.

If you’d like to learn more and see what it’d look like to have help, let’s talk. Book a no-obligation, complimentary Brand Navigator session and clarify your next steps to marketing success.

x Monica

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