Magnetic Messaging and ‘The Courage to Be Disliked’

One thing I’ve noticed since falling into marketing in 2005 is that it’s always changing. Today’s online space is crowded, so being true to your voice has become especially important. That’s why I’m excited to share “Magnetic Messaging” concepts inspired by the book,The Courage to Be Disliked,for coaches, consultants, and other micro-businesses. Lessons from this book can help you showcase your unique qualities and attract more of the right clients.

The Importance of Authenticity and Courage

Today’s consumers are no longer satisfied with superficial marketing tactics or generic approaches. People want real connections and meaningful experiences with the brands they choose. As experts in our fields, we can use our true skills, experiences, passions, and knowledge to create a special brand that speaks to the people we want to reach.

The Power of Authentic Brand Positioning

When we share our thoughts, expertise, and true selves, we attract people who appreciate these qualities. These special clients don’t just want a product or service. They want to connect with someone who understands them and their needs. Being genuine builds relationships, and earns trust and loyalty.

Introducing Magnetic Messaging

If you haven’t noticed, we’re all about “Magnetic Messaging” here. This is my messaging method that helps experts like us stand out to the people we want to serve. With the right message, we can make a big difference in others’ lives. However, it starts by first being true to ourselves.

With my Magnetic Messaging approach, we tease out your true essence to showcase your authentic, expert self within your brand. (The other key to a Magnetic Message is to understand and speak to your audience’s needs.) By  tapping into our passions, expertise, and personal stories, we can showcase the unique value we bring to the table. This makes our brands truly unique and connects us with the clients we most want to work with.

magnetic messaging and the courage to be disliked

Magnetic Messaging Takeaways From “The Courage to Be Disliked”

Choose Your Own Path

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

One major takeaway from “The Courage to Be Disliked” is that we have the power to choose our own path and create our own narrative. In Magnetic Marketing, this means daring to be different, embracing your unique voice, and not being afraid to stand out from the crowd. Instead of following the trends, find your own approach to resonate with your audience and reflect your brand’s values.

Overcome the Fear of Disapproval

“Three things are needed at this point: self-acceptance, confidence in others, and contribution to others. A way of living in which one is constantly troubled by how one is seen by others is a self-centered lifestyle in which one’s sole concern is with the ‘I’ .” — The Courage to Be Disliked

In marketing, fear of disapproval can squash your authenticity and willingness to be seen online. Remember, not everyone will resonate with your message, and that’s okay. By sharing your authentic self and point of view, you will attract an audience that aligns with your brand. Don’t be afraid to polarize or challenge the status quo. It’s better to have a dedicated tribe who supports your work than a lukewarm following that’s not engaged.

Let Go of the Past

“No matter what has occurred in your life up to this point, it should have no bearing at all on how you live from now on. That you, living in the here and now, are the one who determines your own life.” — The Courage to Be Disliked

The Courage to Be Disliked” also highlights the importance of living in the present moment. As business owners, we face a lot of challenges and setbacks. As a result, we might carry the baggage of past failures or insecurities. This can limit our authenticity and willingness to take action. Let go of the past, learn from your experiences, and focus on the opportunities in front of you. Stay open to growing and learning. Lastly, don’t let past mistakes stop you from improving your marketing strategies.

Cultivate Relationships

“One needs to think not, ‘What will this person give me?’ but rather, ‘What can I give to this person’? That is commitment to the community.” — The Courage to Be Disliked

Standing out as a true leader in your field involves building genuine connections with your audience. The book reminds us that interpersonal relationships are crucial. Get to know your audience, have meaningful conversations, and listen to what they want. Genuinely caring about your audience will build trust and attract loyal followers who truly believe in your brand.


With today’s flooded online marketplace, being genuine and brave are no longer choices, but necessities. When we create a Magnetic Message, we use authenticity and an understanding of our audience to stand out and attract the right clients. Remember, being yourself is your biggest strength! So go forth, be confident, share your stories, and make real connections, because authenticity is the key to success in marketing.

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