How to Craft a Magnetic Message That Resonates With Customers

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If you’re reading this article, I can bet you’re a smart solopreneur or micro business owner with an impressive amount of skills, knowledge and accomplishments. With everything you do for your clients, it’s hard to clearly communicate the true nature of your work and its incredible value.

The problem is, when you’re not clear about your message, no one else will be either. This makes your job as a salesperson even harder, as prospective clients will struggle to understand what you do and how you can help them. If you want your marketing to stand out and connect with the right clients — and if you want more quick “yes” responses on sales calls — you need a Magnetic Message.

What is a Magnetic Message?

A Magnetic Message is a clear, compelling brand message that authentically sets you apart and makes the competition irrelevant. It doesn’t require you to be a literary genius or a wordsmith. You don’t need to invent a flashy new persona. It also doesn’t require you to adopt competitive pricing or lightning-fast service delivery.

However, it does involve a series of strategic steps, which I take my clients through, to draw out your most authentic, powerful brand expression. What follows are the exact steps I take to craft a Magnetic Message that helps my clients stand out as the ONLY solution in the hearts and minds of their ideal customers.

Market Research

The first step to develop your Magnetic Message is to understand your customers and competitors. In this stage, you are guided to have conversations with your target customers to learn more about their needs, preferences, and perspectives related to your work. Simultaneously, I research your customers and competitors online.

While it might sound like a daunting task, these actions give us a detailed picture of your audience and the ways you authentically stand out in the market. This allows us to craft messaging that gets your intended customers following, binging your content and lining up to work with you.

Mapping Your Brand

The next step I take to develop my clients’ Magnetic Message is to hop on what I call a “Brand Marketing Map” session. On this call, we take a deep dive into all things YOU. This includes your values, deeply held beliefs and perspectives, as well as your services, existing marketing, and intended audience.

The result of our Brand Mapping session is a beautifully documented, uniquely-YOU brand strategy that gets you noticed and attracts like-minded customers who want to work with you — not just for the services you offer — but because of what your brand stands for. This strategy is so beneficial that I provide it as an optional standalone service or as part of the full Magnetic Message service.

Craft Your Magnetic Message

The final step is to craft your Magnetic Message, which addresses the challenges your customers consistently face and paints a picture of how their experience will be different after working with you. As part of my service, clients recieve a beautiful and detailed document called the Magnetic Message Playbook.

It’s the perfect resource to ensure all of your marketing communications are clear, compelling and consistent. The document includes custom, pre-written messaging to promote your newly differentiated brand. It also includes detailed profiles of your ideal customers, PLUS messaging prompts to connect with emotions to further set yourself apart and inspire brand loyalty.

What to Do Next

In summary, having a Magnetic Message that sets you apart in the hearts and minds of your ideal customers requires a strategic, and authentic approach. It results in a strong brand, showcases your expertise and builds trust with the right customers.

If you would like the help to develop your Magnetic Message, book a Brand Navigator call with me to explore your options and see if this service is a fit for your needs. On the call, I will learn as much as I can about you and your business and give you three actionable steps to get you on the path toward achieving your marketing goals.

x Monica

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