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How to Craft a Magnetic Message That Resonates With Customers

If you’re a small business owner who provides a service, you need a Magnetic Message to stand out and attract the right customers. However, it’s no easy task. Since services can’t be experienced through the senses like a product, it’s especially important to convey a positive experience through messaging. Read on to learn how to craft a Magnetic Message that helps you to stand out and connect with customers on an emotional level. Let’s get started!

Define Your Brand Identity

Having a brand identity will help you determine the tone, style, and personality that best represent your brand when communicating online or one-on-one with customers. So what is a brand identity? It is often thought of as the visible design elements of a brand like a logo or color palette. However, it also includes your company’s voice and communication style.

Brands that are well-loved have distinctive personalities. For example, Red Bull has a bold, daring persona, while Tom’s shoes has a caring and nurturing quality. To find your brand identity, define your brand’s core values, mission, and vision. As the owner of the business, these might stem from your personal values. Jot down what comes to mind. Based on your answers, should your brand voice should be authoritative, humorous, conversational, or something else?

Focus on a Target Audience

Your online messaging is often the first impression potential customers will have of your business. In order to attract the right customers, you need to understand their needs and preferences. Your messaging should speak directly to a specific audience, address their challenges and show how your service can help.

To strike the right tone, it’s best to use language that appeals to your audience and showcases your brand personality. You can learn more about how to understand your target clients in my video “3 Most Common Marketing Problems With One Solution” where you’ll find a few exercises you can use to speak more effectively to your target audience.

Position Your Brand Differently

One surefire way to stand out from competitors is to clearly convey the unique benefits your service provides. A lot of service providers use general messaging like “we’re better or faster” which ends up sounding like almost everyone else in an industry. Instead of filling your web pages with general wording, focus instead on what makes your service unique compared to your competitors.

To complete this exercise, block time on your calendar to research competitors online. Look for the services they offer and what they do not offer. This will help you to identify gaps in the market that you can fill. You should also make a list of your business’s strengths and find the intersection of where the market is underserved and where you most shine as a service provider. Then, focus on this as a unique selling point for your business!

Connect With Emotions

Emotional connections are essential to building brand loyalty. A magnetic message addresses the challenges your customers consistently face and paints a picture of how their experience will be different after working with you. How do your services help customers save time, reduce stress, increase productivity, or improve quality of life?

When possible, use concrete examples and case studies to tell a story and demonstrate the benefits of your service. In addition, storytelling, humor, and other techniques can make your message memorable and relatable.

Be Authentic

Finally, be authentic in your messaging. Customers are looking for service providers they can trust and connect with. It’s refreshing to find a transparent brand that cares about its customers and provides exceptional service. Be upfront about your values, mission, and approach to service and you will find your marketing more magnetic than ever!

What to Do Next

In summary, having the right messaging online is critical for service-based businesses. It helps to create a strong brand and build trust with potential customers. The right messaging also showcases your expertise, attracts the right customers, and improves your ability to win new business.

If you would like the help of a professional to develop your most Magnetic Message, book a call with me to explore your options and gain new insights for your unique business.

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