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40 Online Marketing Tactics to Win New Leads

40 smart digital marketing tactics to help you get more web traffic, convert leads and grow your small businessOnline marketing is a vast subject and there is a lot of information out there to sort through. As a small business owner, it’s hard to know which online marketing tactics will win new leads and customers. A well-rounded online marketing strategy employs all aspects of digital marketing. It also requires that all of your efforts work together toward one or more specific goals.

The essential elements you will need to tie together include:

  • Strong knowledge of your customer
  • A lead attracting website
  • Targeted marketing communications with a consistent narrative
  • Online lead funnels with your website acting as the main hub
  • Content marketing to drive traffic to your website and work in tandem with your lead funnels

Below, you’ll see more about how these things can work together to give you a well rounded marketing strategy. Read on for the 40 online marketing tactics to win new leads and customers.

Know Your Customer (Customer Avatar)

  1. Develop a very specific ideal customer avatar for each of your services or products.
  2. Write a list of customer pain points. Then, validate them with research and by talking with your customers.
  3. Write what your customers’ dream scenario of what life is like after working with you. Validate that too.
  4. Create one document to gather everything you know about your customer avatar, and always refer to it when you write any form of marketing copy.
  5. Update your customer avatar document anytime you get new information or learn that one of your assumptions is wrong.


  1. Create a lead attracting website using website and landing page best practices.
  2. Use a “hero” image banner and value statement at the top of your main landing pages. The image should depict a representation of your customer avatar experiencing the benefits of your services.
  3. Make your website and blog articles scannable by using buzzword headlines, sub headlines, bullet points and relatable images.
  4. Use consistent branding on all of your web pages and carry it through to your social media pages.
  5. Gather trust indicators for your website and marketing campaigns. These include certifications, “As seen on” logos, memberships, testimonials, etc.
  6. Ask for feedback from top clients and permission to turn any praise into testimonials. Use the most powerful statements on your main landing pages and near your contact forms.
  7. Include lead forms on your website that route directly to your main email inbox. Then, follow up with new leads within 24 business hours or less.
  8. Include email opt-in (subscribe) forms on your blog and individual blog post pages.
  9. Use exit offers on key web pages to entice new leads and sales.


Marketing Communications (Copywriting)

  1. Write a Unique Value Statement and include it on your website. It should describe the benefit of your services and what desired outcomes it enables your customers to be, do or have.
  2. In your marketing copy, write more about benefits and results, rather than features.
  3. Develop a core concept related to your services that you want to be known for. Then, repeat it in your messaging as much as possible. As an example, our core concept is the “Myth of Magic Marketing.”
  4. Use a relevant call-to-action in all of your marketing communications.
  5. Communicate what you do in the words your customers would use.
  6. Create one or more automated lead funnels to continually attract and nurture new leads toward your offers.
  7. Develop one or more lead magnets (opt-in freebie) related to your primary offer(s) and pair them with a related, automated email offer sequence.
  8. Create a landing page for your lead magnet to attract new email subscribers. Then, market your freebie on social media and in your related blog posts.
  9. Have an automated “Welcome” email series to familiarize leads with you, your brand and the value you offer. Be sure to link to your best content.
  10. Set up separate autoresponder email campaigns for each of the following: to familiarize new leads with your brand, to present offers, to present upsells and to develop brand ambassadors.
  11. Plan a full marketing promotions calendar at least one quarter in advance. This should include your blog, social media and email marketing activities and be tied to specific goals.
  12. Track all of your marketing activities so you can later evaluate the data and see where you can improve your efforts.

Content Marketing

  1. Write informational, customer-centric blog posts, using SEO best practices. The goal is to develop and nurture new leads, using valuable information, and also help your website get found in search results.
  2. Develop blog content that directly relates to your offers, and encourage readers to download a related lead magnet. People must subscribe to your email list in order to download the information.
  3. Position yourself as an expert in your field with informational blog articles, videos, social media and email marketing.
  4. Send a regular email newsletter that gives value and drives people back to your website.
  5. Ask clients for measurable and tangible results in their goals. Work toward those in your services and develop “success” case studies for your blog and lead magnets.

Additional Online Marketing Tactics to Attract Customers

  1. Have a rate sheet to give to referral partners and people who you can team up with to deliver services & communicate what a GOOD lead for you is.
  2. Create new-customer-attractive introductory offers by splintering affordable services off your main offers. These should be easy for you to accomplish and provide a lot of value for the customer at an attractive price.
  3. Figure out where you customers hang out online and be visible there.
  4. Set up an affiliate program for your services and products.
  5. Hire a professional marketing partner who can develop, implement and lead strategic, data-driven campaigns.
  6. Create information products like courses and e-books and sell them on your website.
  7. Be an active source of help and information on social media forums (Give value, do not sell.).
  8. Block time on your calendar every day for marketing tasks that you aren’t able to delegate.
  9. Use your email signature to gain new social media followers or drive people to your lead magnets.

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