What to Do Now to Make Your Marketing Work

If you’ve been in “stuck mode” with your business and are looking for the next step that will catapult your business forward, you are in the right place. In this video, I talk about the specific actions small business service providers can take to make online marketing work for them. With 13 years in business, I’ve shared everything I learned through trial and error, from investing in high-ticket coaching, to what I’ve seen work (and not work) for clients over the years.

Shorten Your Business Growth Timeline

When you follow these steps in the given order, you can shorten your timeline for growth and save a lot of effort and money over the long run. I wish someone had given me this information when I started in business. In my opinion, more business coaches and marketers should freely provide this information through their content. Failing to share these insights is a disservice to the business community, as it has the potential to benefit all of us.

Though I’m sharing this information with you for free, please know that these recommendations are worth their weight in gold. By implementing these strategies in the provided order, you can get your first paying clients for high-ticket services. With this, plus the right business model, you can scale your business to earn the six figures you dream of, or even millions of dollars if you so choose.

In this video, I cover:

  • The foundation you need for your online marketing to bring you paying clients.
  • Components of services that sell online.
  • What goes into creating a “Magnetic Message” that attracts the right clients.
  • When to invest in the help of a web designer or content creator (it’s not when you think).
  • A foolproof method to determine your next best step for business growth, based on your current situation.

What to Do Next

Be sure to grab the corresponding worksheet to this training and let’s grow your business! Also, book a complimentary call to learn more about the Niche + Offer Intensive.

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