3 Benefits of a Purpose-Driven Business

A purpose-driven business can help you develop a Magnetic Message that attracts more customers so you can profit and make an impact. As Simon Sinek says, “Start with ‘Why’ ”. In order to create a Magnetic Message, and draw scores of clients to your services, your Why needs to be bigger than simply making money.

How to Discover Your Life Purpose

Your purpose is one of the most important things that you can discover about yourself. Not only will it allow you to make a meaningful contribution to society, but it will also help you to make greater progress in your life and business. If you haven’t found your life purpose, seek to uncover it, and then find a way to infuse it into your business.

One way to discover your purpose is to think about what you feel most moved by – whether you feel anger, sadness, or joy. Anything that elicits a very strong emotion in you – and that has been a continuous thread in your life – indicates what you are most passionate about. When you find your deepest passion, you find your purpose!

What if Your Purpose Seems of Little Value?

You may think that a life purpose has to be a grand, change-the-world mission like ending world hunger or homelessness. However, a life purpose can be as simple as creating beauty or making people feel loved. It doesn’t matter how big or small you feel your purpose is, nor does it matter what other people think about it. Now, that’s not to say that your purpose will go unappreciated. The more you talk about your work through the lens of your mission or sense of purpose, the more you will attract like-minded people and those who need your help. With that said, let’s look at a few ways that having a purpose-driven business can help you progress in business and life.

3 Benefits of a Purpose-Driven Business

Stand Out in Your Field

People buy from an emotional place, more so than from facts and logic, and that’s key. Having a purpose-driven business helps you to stand out with an emotional message that draws people in. If you are unclear about your purpose in business, then you may rely on talking about the features of your service.

Let’s use the example of Vox Pop’s marketing services. Here’s an example of our messaging WITHOUT a mission-oriented focus …

“Our services include brand strategy, messaging development, web design, and online lead generation methods.”

This statement lists helpful features, but they are common among many marketing companies. If we relied solely on these points, the message and our brand would be forgettable.

To boost peoples’ desire for our services, we can build on the previous message by adding details about benefits and outcomes. For example …

“Our branding, web design, and marketing services help you to stand out online and attract more of the right customers.”

Now we’re getting somewhere. But what if we add purpose to the message? Here’s an example of Vox Pop’s purpose-driven Magnetic Message …

“We believe in the power of stories, individuality and entrepreneurship to change the world. We help you to stand out and profit by aligning your Passion & Purpose into Magnetic Marketing that furthers the positive impact of your work.”

There are merits to both the benefits-driven and purpose-driven messages. However, it’s the messaging with a purpose that helps to fully differentiate Vox Pop Marketing from other companies with similar services.

Clarify Your Magnetic Message

If your marketing seems disjointed – and what you do doesn’t come across as one memorable, differentiated concept – it’s time to infuse a sense of purpose into your messaging. Then, no matter what platform you’re on, you will have a consistent narrative thread that is easy to understand and remember. Ultimately, your purpose-driven message is about the one thing you want to be known for. Whatever your purpose in business is, it will be tied to the outcomes that you help people to get.

Here is Vox Pop Marketing’s statement of transformation (a.k.a.) the one thing we want to be known for:

“We take our clients from struggling to stand out online to having a Magnetic Message that makes them them the obvious choice.”   

As you can see, you don’t have to talk about your purpose in all of your messaging. The unspoken purpose behind Vox Pop’s statement of transformation is that we help purpose-driven entrepreneurs craft Magnetic Messaging that’s dripping with authenticity so they can truly stand out online, BE Magnetic to customers, and make a massively positive impact.

Stay Resilient, Make an Impact & Profit

Finally, a purpose-driven business will help you weather the storms that business will eventually throw your way. If you want to be the architect of your life and entrepreneurship is the vehicle to do that — and it’s the vehicle to make a difference — then having a purpose allows you to do all of that because it doesn’t matter how rough the road gets. If you have a purpose in your business other than just to make money, obviously, then you will be dedicated to seeing your mission through. Not only will you persevere through hard times in business but you can look back at the end of your career and feel fulfilled knowing that you’ve led a meaningful life.

Profits in business naturally come from doing what you feel called to with joy and passion — and being able to communicate it with passion because people are drawn to that. We can sense the passion that people have for what they do when they talk. We can sense excitement and joy and those things are all attractive. That’s Magnetic Marketing. That’s what we’re doing when we’re being purposeful in our business. We are being magnetic to the people who need our help.

What to Do Next

Next, your challenge is to consider what you want to be known for in business. What is the “WHY” behind your work and how does that relate to the outcomes your services provide? As your business evolves, your service delivery vehicle and even the outcome may change, and that’s OK. But first, you need to start with a defined purpose in business to craft what will eventually be your legacy work.

If you want to explore your purpose in business and how to make your most Magnetic Message, then book a Brand Navigator call. This is a complimentary call where we’ll explore your existing business and messaging and you’ll get a three-step roadmap to attract your ideal customers, make an impact, and profit with purpose!

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