Reasons You May Be Holding Back on Marketing

Are you a coach or consultant who wants to help a lot of people? Yet, for some reason, you’re holding back on marketing your business. Read on to learn why so you can confidently promote your business, reach more people, and make a positive impact with your work.

Reasons You May Be Holding Back on Marketing

You Think You Need More Skills

If you’re holding back from marketing, you may think you first need more skills, education, training, or certifications.

This is not necessarily true. If your services have helped people to get outcomes, you are ready to market your services!

What if you haven’t worked with paying clients yet? …

If you have created results in your own life, this also indicates you are ready to market your services. You can use your own outcomes and transformation story to market your business.

Yes, it’s fantastic to continue your education, develop new skills, and get more certifications. However, while you are doing that, you can also market your business and make money! So don’t let your desire to learn more in your field hold you back. This is a mindset issue to work on.

Consider: What mindset do you need to fully believe in your ability to create outcomes for clients?

Remember, if you’re not marketing your business, you’re not being of service. And, as a service-hearted entrepreneur, that’s what you’re here to do! Marketing is the first step to being of service.

You’re Unclear About Your Message

The second reason you might hold back on marketing is that you’re unsure of what to say to attract clients. You might have done some marketing and didn’t get any paying clients from it.

Let’s face it. There are a lot of competitors online. Knowing your unique zone of genius + crafting magnetic marketing around it will help you to stand out over the noise. Meanwhile, many of your competitors will focus on the features of their service, rather than highlighting their unique difference.

For example, you may have a knack for problem-solving or you may be exceptionally insightful. These, among other skills, will help you to deliver better outcomes.

That is why we need to uncover your unique zone of genius so you can start to market more freely. Once you know, your difference in the marketplace will become very clear. This will translate into messaging that gets you noticed and increases interest in your services.

There are a couple of ways that you can uncover your authentic difference – or zone of genius.

  • Exercise 1: Ask people who are close to you what they think your unique gifts and skills are.
  • Exercise 2: Ask yourself what comes so easily and naturally to you that you probably don’t see it.
  • Exercise 3: Ask clients who you’ve worked with what they most appreciated about how you delivered the service. You may uncover common threads among what people are saying about you! This may clarify your zone of genius.

You’re Uncertain About the Value You Provide

Another reason you may be holding back on your marketing is that you’re unclear about the desired outcomes you can provide clients.

Exercise: Try this exercise that I take my clients through to clarify their Magnetic Marketing messages. First, write every step you take to deliver your service.

Next, group those steps into milestones in which you’ve progressed the client closer to their goal. Within those milestones, jot down the scenarios your clients face before that stage of your service, and what their experience is after. These are the transformations you provide.

As an example, I help my clients go from being unclear about their unique zone of genius to being exceptionally clear on what makes them stand out in their field.

Once you’ve done this exercise, you will have a bird’s eye view of the value that you provide for your clients. From there, you can highlight those amazing benefits and outcomes in your messaging.

What to Do Next

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