Brand Marketing Map

Gain brand clarity & have an online presence that makes the competition irrelevant

struggling to get noticed online & connect with clients?

With all of the competition online, you need a clear strategy to stand out to ideal customers who are hungry for your solutions.

Today’s business headlines are clear. People crave authentic brands that lead with service and integrity.

The Brand Marketing Map service will help you step into the spotlight with a brand that Only YOU can claim — so you can attract your tribe of loyal clients, make a bigger impact, and make great money in the process.

About the Brand
Marketing Map

If you've ever wanted a clear approach to your online presence, the Brand Marketing Map is the compass you've been missing. It's a tailor-made, documented brand strategy designed to get you noticed online & booked solid by more of your ideal clients.

What's Included in the the Brand Marketing Map Service

Valued at $1,250

Maybe you've been in the online space for a while now and you're tired of getting drowned out in the noise. You're working on your graphics and content, trying to be seen on all of the platforms and still getting few returns ... Or maybe you're newer to business and want a solid growth foundation.

In any case, this service will give you a clear direction to stand out and get noticed by the ideal clients you are looking to serve. Through this process, you will claim your rightful brand and be positioned to stand out as a leader in your industry.

Benefits of Brand Mapping

Pulling ideas from thin air is not a strategy to set you apart.

Instead of picking pretty colors, and guessing about what works, we will collaborate to identify the Uniquely-YOU core qualities that set you apart.

The result is a brand built on your authentic strengths and difference so you attract more of the right customers – not only for the great work you do – but because of who you are.

If you are confused or uncertain about your brand direction, it’s not your fault. You’re just too close to your situation to see it clearly.

Using the Brand Marketing Map questionnaire, and our 90-minute Kickoff Call, we will tap into your truest brand expression and align it with a plan that resonates with your intended audience.

Together, we will review the plan and steer the final approach so you are fully aligned and confident in the strategy.

In the early days of internet marketing, general messaging worked like gangbusters. (I know, because I’ve been doing online marketing since 2005!)

In today’s noisy buyers’ market, we need to understand the people we serve, and address them in our marketing, so we can capture attention and connect.

In your Brand Marketing Map, you will be given a detailed picture of your target audience so you can craft more compelling content that gets them following, binging your content and lining up to work with you.

When you think of the brands you love, it’s most likely that they stand for something in your mind. As part of your Brand Marketing Map experience, we will zero in on your values, beliefs, passion and purpose in business.

This will help to attract like-minded customers who share your perspectives and choose to work with you because of what your brand stands for. Having this clearly defined perspective is the foundation for attracting better fit, brand-loyal clients.

One of the most common questions I’m asked is, “What should my brand colors be and how should my website look?”.

Instead of choosing brand colors and imagery just because you like them, we will tap into your essence and look to your intended customers to strategically select the best approach.

This will eliminate the common urge to flip-flop on your branding because the approach we select will reflect your essence. As a result, your visual brand will resonate with you and your like-minded clients on a level like never before.

Here's how it works

Here's how we will develop your brand strategy that gets you noticed online & booked solid by more of your ideal clients:

Curious to Learn More?

All of our client engagements begin with a free consultation to ensure we are a right fit for working together.


Brand Mapping is fun! I loved the questions you asked and the process. Prior to the Brand-Marketing Map, I was really uncomfortable sharing my website and using it as part of my marketing. As a result of mapping my brand, I learned to accept myself for who I am and stop trying to hide behind being "professional". Now that I've got more confidence in my presentation I love promoting my website and have attracted the right clients since.

Vox Pop Marketing helped us clarify our goal for our message. Monica promised and over delivered her product. We will be using her services long term.

Your input has been very helpful and with your prompting, I have learned more critical information about marketing a lot faster than I might have without your assistance.

If you need help with branding/marketing, reach out to Monica Valentine Reynolds She’s a rockstar!

When I hired Vox Pop Marketing I was making around $2,000/month. Now I average $10,000/month with clients spanning the globe. I credit Monica and Vox Pop for my getting global clients, because they wouldn't have known I existed if I hadn't invested in my digital presence.

I knew I needed guidance from someone that could think outside the box and was willing to hold my hand and take me through it. I wasn’t feeling confident with my marketing and branding and felt unclear about my place. For the first time, I’m feeling REALLY aligned with what I’ve put together. I understand what I’m doing and feel much more confident. It’s alllll clicking and I couldn’t be any happier.

Monica helped me clarify the challenges I was having in my marketing. She has the ability to quickly understand your situation and has an extensive online marketing knowledge base. I highly recommend you engage her with your marketing challenges.

When I found you I was neededing to attract clients. I feel I was supported with your coaching. I went from viewing my business from my corporate experience to viewing it from an entrepreneurial perspective. I started thinking like a business owner, not like a corporate job. I was talking in a corporate language until now and I made shifts in how I talk about my offer. I know now how I can use the language business owners use.