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“Your website should be your best marketing tool.”— M.V.

Monica Valentine is Vox Pop Marketing’s founder and the author of Vox Blog – tips to make your website your best marketing tool. 

Social Media Strategy Plan for Business

This article was prepared to help you craft a strategic social media plan for business. It focuses on making the key initial decisions that will set you up for success. A well designed plan can move you consistently toward reaching your business goals. Conversely, jumping into social media without an informed approach can take up lots of time and resources without showing any progress. At

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5 Ways Content Marketing Builds Business

Everyone from small businesses to major corporations use content marketing to attract new clients and keep the ones they have. But what is content marketing? In the old days, before digital marketing, brands primarily advertised through print ads, TV or radio commercials. This is referred to as interruption marketing. In this model, ads are sprinkled between the entertaining or informative content people want. Commercials are

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